Have a good snow day with these snow grips for shoes

FP Studio February 16, 2021 21:46:07 IST
Have a good snow day with these snow grips for shoes

Snow climbers

The Alcoa Prime 10X comes with 10 studs that stick to your shoe allowing you to stay on your feet on a bad, slippery road. It has a unique anti-slip technology and provides great grip. You don’t have to worry about slipping and falling while having a good time snow climbing or walking in the snow. These snow grips provide great traction and also protect your shoes from wearing out soon. Even in thick ice, these grips let you walk comfortably as if you’re walking on a plain dry road.

Flex chains

The Wowobjects Steel Ice Gripper is made of stainless steel spikes attached by a flex chain. This product provides efficient traction and braking power. It is barely visible on your footwear making it convenient and easy to use. It is ideal for all age groups allowing everyone to walk comfortably on icy surfaces without having to worry about slipping or any injury whatsoever. You can easily walk on ice, snow, wet rocks, and concrete as well. It can easily be carried with a storage pouch. In a nutshell, this is a great choice for your snow trips and makes walking and commuting really comfortable and easy.

Made for bad weather

The PROTOS INDIA NET snow grips come with water-resistant silicon with extreme flexibility. The build of this product is toxin-free and environment friendly. You can use these grips long-term without having to worry about them wearing out. You can easily use this in your mountaineering and snow walking trips and commute comfortably. It is ideal for all ages allowing them to walk stably in adverse weather conditions. These grips are waterproof preventing your shoes from wearing out. These are also windproof that further protect your shoes from moisture, mud and snow water. In a nutshell, it is a sturdy and reliable product to use with your shoes for a comfortable walking experience.

Great traction

The Generic Anti-Slip Shoes Boots are ideal for anyone who likes staying active and commuting in snowy weather. It comes with stainless steel spikes attached securely to a flex chain. You can use it with your regular shoes without having to attach it with any buckle or straps. These provide efficient breaking making your commute really comfortable. It’s almost unnoticeable on the footwear. You can carry it safely in a storage pouch. It makes climbing wet rocks and glaciers very comfortable without having to worry about slipping and is a great value-for-money product.

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