Hair removal is easier with these top wax heaters

FP Studio January 19, 2021 00:09:07 IST
Hair removal is easier with these top wax heaters

With auto cut off
This wax heater comes with an automatic cut off feature. If the temperature of the wax reaches the maximum point, the pot gets automatically turn off. No need to constantly check if the wax is getting cold, this heater also automatically turns on when the wax temperature is too cold. You can also carry the wax heater for home appointments as this heater is made of high-quality material and is extremely handy to carry. It is also very simple to use, you can just put the wax and switch on. Then heat it till the desired temperature and apply using the stick. Simple to use and easy to carry, get this wax heater if that is all you want.

Suitable for hot and cold wax
Say good-bye to the unwanted hair growth on your body. The wax heater is a fabulous device that will bring you the experience of a luxury waxing parlour day into the comfort of your own home. It also comes with 20 strips with which you can wax easily. You can use it for both hot and cold wax. It also comes with a spatula and knife so that applying is very handy. This wax heater is perfect for all of your waxing needs.

Works with all kinds of wax
This Wax Heater Machine is designed to heat up the wax to the temperature suitable for your skin. It makes sure that the wax is hot enough so that you don’t get burnt. It comes in an unbreakable container which makes it last longer. From Lipo soluble to all the way to brazilian, this wax heater is suitable fro all kinds of wax. With an operating voltage of 220-240V, this heater also comes with an indicator light which lights up when the wax is hot enough. If you use all kinds of wax, this heater is suitable for you.

Melts wax faster
This wax heater is suitable for all types of Wax. It comes with a temperature regulator, which allows you to maintain the wax temperature. The added advantage in the wax heater is the heating coil as it helps in melting the wax faster. Using the heater is very easy. Just switch on the wax warmer cover & empty the wax into it. Wait for about half an hour and your wax is ready to use. Cleaning the container is also very easy as the steel container is detachable with handles. If portable and efficient is what you are looking for, this wax heater is perfect for you.

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