Grippy scooter tyres you should check out before your next change

FP Studio May 15, 2021 02:40:26 IST
Grippy scooter tyres you should check out before your next change

For all-terrain

This tyre is created for the Honda Aviator, Mahindra Gusto, TVS Jupiter, and TVS Wego, some of the most popular scooters on the market today. The tyre is built with a high NSD(Non-Skid Depth), Connected Blocks and a Continuous Center Groove, making it easier for you to ride on wet and rough roads without losing balance. With deeper shoulder grooves and sipes on the tread Blocks you have More rubber to wear, better mass transfer and More 'biting' edges to grip on or Off-road, giving you a tyre that performs well on just about any surface. Buy this tyre to have a smooth, carefree riding experience.

Performance for every road

This tyre is suitable as the front tyre for the Mahindra Gusto, TVS Wego, TVS Jupiter and a rear tyre for the Hero Maestro Edge, Honda Activa 125, Honda Navi, Honda Aviator(old model), Mahindra Gusto, TVS Wego, TVS Jupiter. If you want better braking and performance, this tyre with its superior designed tyre grooves is the answer. With a Tyre Aspect Ratio of 90.0, they provide excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces and straight and winding roads, making them tyres for all seasons. Buy these tyres for safe, long-lasting performance.

Ultimate Performance

This tyre is of a tubeless design, a popular choice in the market today. A tubeless tyre is very similar to a traditional tyre, except that it has no tube inside. The tubeless design prevents punctures if a sharp object penetrates the tubeless tyre, a liquid sealant immediately seals the puncture, eliminating the need to carry around a tyre puncture kit. The tyres rugged block design makes it a great choice for those who frequently venture off the beaten path. A rounded shoulder profile with angular grooves helps you hug the road when taking deep corners under heavy load. Buy these tyres to stay safe on those winding, muddy unpaved roads.

Long-lasting tyres for smart buyers

With a tyre developed and tested for urban, city and rural areas, a smooth ride is guaranteed, no matter where your journey takes you. The tyre has a zig-zag pattern and big centre blocks to ensure superb traction and noticeable lower tread rubber shuffling, providing excellent tyre mileage. The company promises that the material used to manufacture the tyres is of a superior grade of rubber, this statement is backed up by a 3-year unconditional warranty and a 6-year standard warranty on its tyres. With grooves that save you the need to gas-up frequently due to great tyre mileage, this tyre is highly recommended.

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