Great Riding Boots To Help You Hit The Road

FP Studio June 08, 2020 16:41:10 IST
Great Riding Boots To Help You Hit The Road

Head In The Sky, Feet On The Ground

The Alpinestars 2104 Air Plus Goretex XCR Boots is a great pair of riding boots by all measures. Whether it is the air mesh main construction, which provides enhanced ventilation and comfort. Or the dual density ankle cups, which cushion the feet and provide enhanced protection, in case of a mishap. Everything about the Alpinestars 2104 Air Plus Goretex XCR Boots is top notch, including the way it fits seamlessly, thanks to the soft quilted accordion stretch zones. These boots will keep you secure for miles, as you ride through the wind and the rain, in the day and in the night.

Master Of The Terrain

Everybody knows about Royal Enfield motorcycles. But even their riding boots are built for on-road delight. The Royal Enfield Black Leather Riding Shoes brings the brand’s enduring reputation for durability to footwear, with an abrasion resistant leather exterior, which also has an additional coat of crash protection fabric. And the guys at Royal Enfield know the challenges of riding long distances, which is why they have designed a footpeg support inside the Royal Enfield riding boots. It’s a metal shank inserted between the insole and outsole, to provide support to the arch of your feet and reduce fatigue.

Step Up To The Horizon

Moto tech is a reputed brand among motorcycle enthusiasts and well known for its high quality motorcycle accessories. The MOTOTECH Enduro TourPro riding boots are one among them. These boots are one of the must-haves if you like to embark on a long-distance ride or indulge in some adventure touring. It is made with Mesh Lining and PU Coating for increased levels of safety, and the double stitching around sensitive areas makes it more durable. It also sports an in-built shin protector, and guards for the ankle, toe, and heels. These are waterproof boots made with a mix of leather and Seco-Tex.

For Your Riding Pleasure

Welcome to true motorcycling sophistication, with the Falco OXEGEN 2 Air Sports Touring Waterproof D3O Motorcycle Riding Boots. Made with Italian finesse, these boots include great details like D3O intelligent shock absorption. The satisfaction of use increases further, as these boots will keep your feet dry in all conditions, thanks to the High Tex waterproof membrane incorporated in the boot structure. The new dual density racing sole also means an intuitive grip as you shift through the gear. With a replaceable black-tital toe slider, these boots are for those whose love for the road just can’t wait.

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