Go germ-free with these top mouthwashes

FP Studio January 21, 2021 19:55:34 IST
Go germ-free with these top mouthwashes

A good mouthwash is essential to fresh breath and keeping your mouth clean. With so many types available, choosing one that's best for you can be confusing. We tried several mouthwash brands and have narrowed down four products that offer the best benefits for your teeth and gums. Check them out today!

Great for sensitive gums [Peppermint flavour]
Eliminating over 99% of germs in just a few seconds, this specially developed mouthwash is a great way to keep your mouth healthy. If you have sensitive gums, you'll appreciate its alcohol-free formula that doesn't burn. Ideal as a follow up to brushing, you can even use it as a mouth freshener after meals. With a pleasing peppermint flavour, this mouthwash gives you cooling that lasts ten times longer than just brushing alone and leaves you feeling fresh all day. With regular use, you can keep your teeth diseases and cavity-free.
If you're looking for a mouthwash that's tough on germs but easy on your gums, then this one's for you.

For strong teeth and gums [With essential oils]
This mouthwash comes packed with the antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of essential oils like wintergreen and menthol. We loved the mild flavour and found that it offers excellent protection from cavities, gingivitis, receding gums, and bad breath. As it uses alcohol-free ingredients, you'll find this mouthwash has a less intense flavour and leaves your mouth with long-lasting freshness. A noteworthy feature of this solution is that it contains fluoride, which has proven to reduce tooth decay and strengthen enamel.
If you're looking for an efficient mouthwash that protects your teeth and gums, choose this one.

A natural approach to excellent oral health [Ayurvedic formula]
This mouthwash uses the goodness of Ayurveda to protect your mouth from harmful bacteria. Using medicinal properties of plants, it eliminates germs that cause bad breath and tooth decay. Its active ingredients include neem, clove oil and spearmint extracts that fight infection and inflammation. We love the balanced blend of natural ingredients which makes it safe for people of all ages. While this mouthwash can help you get healthier gums, it also protects you from germs that cause sore throat and cough. This set of three makes sure you won't have to worry about buying refills for many months.
For a safe way to protect your family's teeth and gums, we recommend buying this mouthwash.

For 24x7 protection from germs [With clove oil]
From a leading oral health brand, you won't have to second guess yourself when it comes to this mouthwash's effectiveness. Featuring an active anti-germ formula, it eliminates unhealthy bacteria in your mouth, giving you round-the-clock protection. The key ingredient in this mouthwash is natural clove oil, which has antimicrobial properties and fights bad breath. As this liquid is free from alcohol, you won't have to worry about a dry mouth when using it. While gentle on your gums and teeth, it hygienically cleanses your mouth, targeting germs in spaces where your toothbrush doesn't reach.
For excellent all-round oral protection, you can't go wrong choosing this mouthwash.

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