Glow in the dark wall stickers to brighten your home

FP Studio September 25, 2020 04:56:12 IST
Glow in the dark wall stickers to brighten your home

Best for children's room

Made from premium plastic, these stickers are light and easy to apply. You can use this product on any smooth surface such as walls, ceilings, and cupboards. Thanks to their good adhesive power, the stickers won't fall off once applied. The product consists of 134 stickers which include big and small stars, moon, rocket, spaceship, and shuttle that are sure to bring your children many hours of joy. They charge with normal daylight in your room and provide a gentle green glow for many hours after it gets dark.
If you're looking to develop your child's imagination and provide a good atmosphere to sleep in, you can't go wrong with these stickers.

For a romantic touch

Let your imagination loose while you create your unique constellation of stars on your walls or ceiling with these stickers. Cut from high-quality plastic, these 30 stick-on stars absorb and provide a comforting fluorescent blue glow when the lights go out. We love that this product lets us quickly change the way a room looks at night. When positioned well, they also allow us to add a little romance to the bedroom easily. Choose this product for a fantastic night sky effect right in the comfort of your room.

A calming light source while you sleep

This product is an excellent alternative to using a night lamp. It only takes five minutes of exposure to light for these stickers to give out a gentle glow that lasts all night. You can create a realistic-looking night sky on your ceiling thanks to the well-designed set of 260 stars that includes a spaceship, rocket, and moon. These stickers are so useful that you can make a great night lamp by keeping them in a glass jar by your bed.
Experience a gentle glow and relaxing long-lasting light in your bedroom with this product.

Change the look of your room

This glowing sticker set is a great way to liven up any flat surface in your home. Application is as easy as peeling the stickers off and sticking them on many kinds of surfaces like walls, mirrors, doors, and refrigerators. Manufactured with non-toxic materials, this product is very durable and can last several years. For a quick change of decor, you can peel off these stickers and apply them to other areas of your home as they are removable and reusable.
Buy this product to add a touch of class to your home.

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