Give your mood a boost with these soothing scented candles

FP Studio November 20, 2020 12:23:03 IST
Give your mood a boost with these soothing scented candles


Here is a simple and cost-effective candle which is apt for someone who has never used a scented candle before. The candle features a ceramic holder and has a 36 hour maximum run time. The scent of this candle is soothing which has been inspired from delicate fragrances of rose, magnolia and mandala. The MINISO Inkjet Scented Candles provide various therapeutic benefits and helps in creating a mood that helps to relieve stress. It also features premium quality wax and wick without producing harmful black smoke.

Perfect Gift

This candle can be a perfect house warming gift for your friends and family. It has a very unique scent of wild berry and a musky cinnamon base that fills the room with joy and calm. The design of the candles is very compact and simple with a glass jar and a wooden lid. Scent Tattva Natural Candle is also very long lasting with around 72 hours of burn time. The best part is that the candle is eco-friendly and is safe for homes with pets and kids too.

Different Fragrances

This candle set comes in a pack of three and is not only aesthetically pleasing but also soothes your senses. The candles are perfect to enhance your ‘me-time’. You can keep them in your bedroom, bathroom or any other room to lighten up your senses. The three candles have three different scents of jasmine, lemon grass and sandalwood. Pure Source India Candles come in beautiful and high-quality glasses and they are also easy to handle. They have an approximately 20 hour burn time, are eco-friendly and leave no residue after burning. Great for people who care about the environment.

Made of Natural-wax

These candles are perfect for people who love the fragrance of lavender. The candles come in a pack of three and will make you feel like you are sitting in the middle of a lavender field. They are long lasting with each candle having a 12 hour long burn-time. Hosley Lavender Candles are made of natural wax and only use imported essential oils. They will leave your house with a warm scent and are absolutely value for money.

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