Get wrinkle free clothes with these top cordless irons

FP Studio January 29, 2021 16:46:09 IST
Get wrinkle free clothes with these top cordless irons

Panasonic NI-100DX 240 V Seterika tanpa kord

This is a light weight iron. It is cordless making it super easy to use. It has a smart and elegant design. It has a non-stick base ensuring that your clothes are not damaged. It comes with a stand making it very convenient to use. Apart from being energy efficient, it is safe to use. It is highly suitable for you if you need to iron many clothes in a short span of time. This iron ensures that no creases, lines or wrinkles remain on your clothes.

Usha Helix Pro Smart Steam Iron

This is a smart steam iron. It has a retractable cord winding mechanism for easy storage. It is scratch resistant and has an easy glide ceramic soleplate. It is equipped with powerful steam output of up to 20 gm / min for quick crease removal. It has a large 250 ml water tank for longer ironing sessions. It comes with horizontal and vertical steam burst function for easy removal of wrinkles. It has a 3 way auto shut off with beep sound for safety.

Prestige Cordless Magic Steam Iron

This iron comes equipped with steam burst mode making it super-efficient at removing wrinkles and creases. It is cordless and has a power base. It has a non-stick coated sole plate that ensures that the iron does not get stuck to the clothes. It comes with a water spray that helps iron better. It has the adjustable thermostat control and is energy efficient. This iron has a shock proof plastic handle and is also ISI certified safety. It is highly suitable for bachelors.

EUROLINE EL-358 Cordless steam Iron

This steam iron has a Teflon soleplate plate making it efficient as well as safe. This appliance consumes 1200 W of power making it energy efficient. It comes with a spray making it easier for you to remove wrinkles and creases. It has the steam burst feature which ensures that the clothes are ironed quickly and perfectly. It is cordless which makes it highly convenient to use. This lightweight iron is great for people who want to use this appliance regularly.

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