Get stylish and salon finish hair with these hair dryers

FP Studio August 21, 2020 15:04:17 IST
Get stylish and salon finish hair with these hair dryers

Perfect for drying and styling your hair

This hair dryer is perfect for someone who cannot leave the house without styling their hair. It is very lightweight, compact and has a foldable handle. Havells HD3151 is absolutely perfect for styling and drying your hair because it comes with a powerful motor and gives a 1600 W gentle airflow. It also has two options for setting the speed and three options of heat setting. It ensures uniform distribution of heat, protecting your hair from heat damage. At the end of your drying session, you can use the cool shot feature for long-lasting results.

Turbo mode to dry your hair efficiently

This hair dryer is perfect for someone who is always in a rush and doesn’t even have the time to dry their hair. The dryer has a concentrator and uses a uniform blow technology for fast drying. Panasonic EH ND11 along with fast-drying, it gives your hair a soft and shiny finish while retaining its moisture. It comes with a dual heat setting with a turbo mode for fast hair drying and it consumes only 1000 W power. It is very affordable and has a compact design.

Perfect for everyday hair drying

Are you fed up with having a bad hair day, every day? Don’t worry we have the perfect product for you. This hairdryer creates the optimum level of hair flow and features a concentrator to give your hair a polished and shiny look every day. Philips HP81200 Hair Dryer has an attractive pink and white-colored body with a foldable handle for easy portability. It also has three pre-selected drying setting, a thermo protect feature to avoid over-heating, and a cool air setting for different needs.

Protects from over-heating with automatic cut-out feature

This is a new age hair dryer that gives you A to Z features to style your hair. It comes with two heat settings, low setting for gentle blow-drying and high for fast drying and easy styling. Vega X Styling 1200 also features a detachable nozzle for precision hair styling. If you like to dry your hair with a relatively cooler temperature, then you can use the cool setting. To protect the dryer from over-heating, it features an automatic over-heat cutout function

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