Get squeaky clean utensils with these top cleaning tools

FP Studio January 18, 2021 20:48:19 IST
Get squeaky clean utensils with these top cleaning tools

Easy to clean silicone sponge
These washing brushes are carefully made with soft and high-quality silicone. This material is BPA free, and toxin-free making it food-grade. The silicone sponge is easy to reach the corner of the cups and glasses. It’s best suitable for cleaning dishes, glasses, fruits, and vegetables. These scrubbers are made from heat resistant silicone so they can also be used as pot holder and coasters. After using, you can just boil the sponge to clean or put them in the dishwasher and hang them with the hook to dry them out. If you want high performance with value for money sponges, these are perfect for you.

Clean tough stains
These super metallic steel scrub sponge set are designed for easy grip and fine stainless steel metallic loops for effective cleaning. These scrubs are tough on oil and grease on kitchenware but soft for your hand. Coarse metal mesh loops create a scouring effect to clean any rust or dried substances on a dish or even on your tile floor. These scrubs are heavy duty and durable compared to any ordinary scrubbers or sponges available in the market. Not only kitchenware but also you can use it on windows, a bathroom tub, shower, kitchen sink, or toilet. Perfect for toughest cleaning, grab these scrubs today!

Dispenses soap while scrubbing
This cleaning sponge dispenses soap while cleaning. The bottom of the handle has a small hole so that the liquid can flow out easily. No need to pause for the soap while cleaning. With this brush, you can clean all the utensils in a jiffy. Extremely easy to clean, it cleans all kinds of dishes. The brush is also wash-resistant and durable. You can even clean the kitchen platform and the sink more very conveniently. Get this smart soap dispensing brush for your smart kitchenette today!

Protection from hand pruning
These gloves are very heavy-duty. These gloves are made from high-quality rubber, which means they last longer. They keep your hands completely protected from all the household work like gardening, plumbing, and janitorial work. These thicker gloves provide superior resistance to chemicals and cleaning agents. Forget hand pruning as these gloves keep your hand fresh. You just need to make sure that no liquid or humidity gets inside the gloves. With superior protection like this, your hands are bound to remain soft and delicate.

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