Get rid of impurities with these charcoal soaps

FP Studio March 01, 2021 20:45:51 IST
Get rid of impurities with these charcoal soaps

Deeply cleanses the skin

This charcoal soap not only offers deep cleansing benefits but also protects you from unwanted body odor. It is specially designed for those who are always on-the-go and exposed to dirt and pollution. Perfect for oily skin, this soap absorbs all the harmful oils from your skin. You can notice clear before-after results with this soap, as it removes the grime from your pores and clarifies your skin. The long-lasting active deodorant scent leaves you smelling fresh and confident. Moreover, it contains no artificial colors! Grab this soap if you are someone with an active lifestyle.

Hydrates the skin

This handmade luxury soap is powered by the goodness of activated bamboo charcoal. The soap is designed to give you deep cleansing. It also has excellent exfoliation benefits with the addition of cane sugar. This is a 100% all-natural product that is suitable for both men and women. Also, the soap contains other active ingredients like green tea and aloe vera to hydrate and nourish your skin. In simple terms, this soap absorbs excess oils from your skin that cause breakout leaving all the necessary oils in to keep your skin hydrated! This soap is perfect for you and your better half!

Paraben-free cleansing experience

This is a premium quality handmade charcoal soap. The black-colored soap effectively removes the unwanted toxins and wastes from the skin pores without drying them out. It is made with 100% natural ingredients to give you a safe bathing experience. It is extremely natural as it is made of wheat germ oil, aloe vera extracts, coconut, almond, and cherry blossom essential oil. It is vegan and paraben-free. Made with no animal cruelty, this product is also a relief for animal lovers. This soap is very gentle on the skin. If you are someone who has delicate and sensitive skin, this soap is perfect for you.

Gives a spa-like bathing experience

This activated charcoal soap is an effective cleanser for your face and body. The activated charcoal present in this product cleans dust and pollutants that cause dullness on your skin. To give you a spa-like bathing experience, this soap contains ingredients like patchouli oil, aloe vera, etc. The sugar crystals embedded in the soap can smoothen out your skin texture and make you look radiant. This soap is perfect for men with an active lifestyle, who are prone to the rigors of pollution, dust, and grime. If you need a tough cleanser which is tough like you, this soap is perfect for you.

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