Get precise measurements every time with these top kitchen scales

FP Studio March 04, 2021 19:30:56 IST
Get precise measurements every time with these top kitchen scales

Auto calibration with auto shut down

This digital weighing scale comes with auto-calibration. Its precise tare button can allow you to deduct the weight of a container from the total weight so that you can calculate the net weight of the contents easily. Its auto shutdown option helps you save battery. With thirty seconds of inactivity, the scale quickly shuts down without the need of an operator’s command. It is lightweight and can be easily stored in your kitchen drawers or your toolbox. Pick this up for its accuracy and ease of use.

German sensors for precise measurements

This smart nutrition scale could help you accurately calculate the number of calories and carbohydrates you consume regularly. The food scale digitally calculates fat, protein, calories and can help you calculate the nutrition intake value and records the data every day. It comes with five measurement units namely - gram, millilitre, ounce, fluid ounce and pounds. Easy to clean, this scale is crafted with fingerprint-resistant food-grade glass, you can simply wipe it down with a cloth and it’s good as new. Pick this up for its high-precision measurements.

With Tare Function for everyday use

Designed for everyday use, this electronic weighing scale weighs ingredients correctly and helps to make healthier meals. From calculating tare weight to switching from ounces to grams, this easy to use machine is operated on just two buttons. Its multifunctional scale measures units grams, kilograms, pounds, ounces and millilitres. It features the Tare function and shows results clearly on the LCD. You can weigh small portions inside the bowl of your choice without weighing the bowl itself. This function allows you to reset the display to zero when a container is placed on the platform. It also measures liquids volume. Pick this one for its easy to use operations and sleek design.

LCD display with backlight

This digital kitchen food scale can provide accurate measurements from 1 kg up to 10 kg. It has a wide LCD with backlight that displays the measurements of the food items you place on it. Due to prolonged inactivity, the system automatically switches off and also automatically resets to zero. It also comes with a low battery indicator that lets you know when your system needs a battery change. Equipped with a high precision strain gauge sensor system, this weighing scale gives accurate measurements. Suitable for measuring ingredients for daily use.

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