Get perfect styling with these top hair dryers for men

FP Studio May 13, 2021 22:33:59 IST
Get perfect styling with these top hair dryers for men

For a great hair day

This hair dryer has a narrow concentrator, for a more focused blow-dry and creating those celebrity hairstyles. The dryer has 2 heat settings hot & warm, ensuring you control the amount of heat your locks receive. At the press of a button, the “cool shot” feature reduces heat at your chosen setting to prevent damage to your hair, no more nasty surprises! A built-in thermostat prevents your precious locks from soaking in too much heat while also preventing the motor from overheating resulting in a longer lifespan for the dryer. We found the dryer performance to be top-notch, earning it a place in our list of favorites.

For that glam look

With an ergonomic handle designed to provide accuracy and control and 2 professional attachments to control airflow, this hairdryer ticks all the right boxes. The heat and speed settings have individual toggle switches allowing you to tailor the heat and airflow to your liking. A detachable back filter enables easy cleaning and prevents collected dust from blowing right back onto your clean hair and fire hazards when dust prevents the dryer from correctly venting. So go ahead and pamper those locks of yours by buying this hairdryer now.

Travel companion

This hair dryer is the smallest and lightest dryer of a travel-ready collection. It is designed with a foldable handle making it highly compact, easy to store, and portable, perfect to carry along with you on travels or the beach. The dryer uses infrared heat technology which taps into your hair's natural moisture, prevents over-drying, and leaves your tresses with a lustrous shine. Though compact and light in weight we found it does not compromise on performance leaving your locks lustrous and healthy-looking. The dryer is backed by a 2-year warranty leaving you with absolutely no excuse to add this dryer to your hair-care essentials.

For that Lustrous shine

Boasting a Powerful 2200 Watts AC Motor creating the ideal airflow & temperature for Professional salon-like results, this dryer is a must-try for those with long, thick hair who are fixed for time. The hair dryer comes with a diffuser attachment that controls, focuses, and evenly distributes the airflow over a wider area giving you perfect results quicker. Working in a space-constricted environment or at a vanity table! a loop attached to the handle makes storing it easy and a hands-breadth away. Powerful and reproducing perfect results every time, we have no reservations in recommending this dryer to the professional hairstylist.

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