Get more done with these top hand blenders

FP Studio January 29, 2021 09:20:30 IST
Get more done with these top hand blenders

Premium immersion blender with accessories

This hand blender offers impressive performance and quickly blends smoothies, shakes, whisks eggs and even chops vegetables. It has 10-speed settings, pulse and turbo functions, making it a perfect addition to the kitchen. This model is uniquely designed with an ergonomic rubber grip enabling a firm grip even when your hands are wet. The metal foot allows for blending of cold foods as well as hot ingredients like pav bhaji vegetables, soups and dals. With dishwasher safe attachments and a durable build, this is perfect if you’re looking for a versatile kitchen helper.

Big Power in a small package

This blender has a variable speed knob with a 750-watt two-speed motor. Those with tight kitchens space will not have an issue with storage as it comes with a hanging hook to make storing it easy. Its powerful motor can tackle the toughest loads while maintaining a constant speed. The blade shield at the bottom of the blending stick keeps you safe from hot splashes and those messy kitchen cleanups. Weighing in at just 880g we highly recommend this powerful hand blender with the handy, spring-loaded chopping blade.

Silent and powerful

This hand blender is specially designed with a super sharp stainless steel blade to support ice crushing and blending of tough ingredients with ease. The blender foot is made of food-grade safe material that helps maintain the quality and freshness of the ingredients blended. The metal foot is detachable, making storage quick and easy. We found the blender to be silent when running but still powerful. All our green veggie and fruit smoothies were always blended to perfection with the touch of a single button. If premium functionality and peace of mind is what you want, this blender with a 2-year warranty on the motor is the one for you.

The perfect kitchen assistant

We love having better control over our blending process. And this one with a dual-speed setting allows you to blend just the way you like it. Variable speed helps you get the right texture you want with your choice of ingredients. It boasts a 1000-watts motor which blends even the toughest loads with ease. The ergonomic handle and detachable stem make it easy to use the appliance for both beginners and experts in the kitchen. With its Stainless-Steel finish and power indicator light to know its on-off status, if you’re looking for a great all round blender, u cannot go wrong with this one.

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