Get gentler stain removal with these top loader safe liquid detergents

FP Studio June 08, 2021 20:20:45 IST
Get gentler stain removal with these top loader safe liquid detergents

Gentle on clothes and your hands
Easy to use and mildly scented, this liquid laundry detergent distributes well in the wash water and is popular with good reason. Perfect for spot cleaning or as a stain pre-treater this 2 l bottle is good for numerous loads throughout the month. Particularly effective on oil and grease stains it's easy to measure out and leaves a pleasing and refreshing fragrance when done. If you’re looking to switch from powders to liquid, start with this one.

Designed for automatic washing machines
One of the best-selling liquid Washing machine detergents, Ariel Matic is highly recommended by a number of top washing machine brands. The advanced formula is designed to remove tough stains, and protect colors with every wash. The unique cap design makes certain that there is no spillage and all the remaining liquid drains back into the bottle. Finally, you can get hassle-free cleaning and do multiple loads easily with just one product!

Tough stain removal
This is one product that outperforms many on the market. Widely known for its cleansing powers, it dissolves quickly in the high water level setting of washing machines and deep cleans stains effortlessly without leaving behind any messy residue. Designed to produce far less foam you can be certain it won't be clogging and choking the pipes that usually cause scaling issues. Another feature we really loved was that its colors came out just as bright and cheerful as they went in which is a huge plus.

Keep your clothes soft and smooth
When we think of laundry we think of fresh, soft clothes that smell heavenly. Providing great value for money, this liquid detergent has a dewy fresh fragrance, provides a gentle wash and retains the softness and shine of your clothes easily. Particularly suited to woolen clothes like cardigans and sweaters, delicates, and fine fabrics, it keeps colors intact and won’t shrink your favorite pieces. Besides, it's chemical-free and biodegradable making it a great option for eco-conscious customers. Bonus points for being effective on stains and keeping your clothes looking great effortlessly.

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