Get better cooling with these top frost-free refrigerators

FP Studio January 27, 2021 12:01:43 IST
Get better cooling with these top frost-free refrigerators

Frost-free double-door

This 547L refrigerator has an intelligent air filter that can remove bacteria up to 99.999% and minimize bad odour in the fridge. No more fridge smell is a huge blessing! Besides the LG ThinQ app gives you control over your appliance from anywhere. Well designed toughened glass shelves, energy-efficient and with multiple vents to circulate the cooled air even in the door area, this is your best bet to help food stay fresh for longer.

Inverter compressor for more significant savings

Spacious and with a unique freezer at the bottom set up, this refrigerator is perfect for large families. Toughened glass shelves are strong enough to handle large and small containers and are very durable. The Inverter compressor provides powerful cooling while balancing how much power is needed, saving you plenty compared to traditional refrigerators. Besides being energy efficient, its also far more durable and produces less noise. What we appreciated most of all was the one year warranty on the product and ten-year warranty on the compressor - peace of mind guaranteed!

Large capacity bottom freezer

Unlike top-freezer refrigerators, this one with the freezer on the bottom is far more convenient, especially for heavy daily use. Putting food closer to eye level means that it’ll be easier to reach and less likely to be forgotten about in a corner. This is the most efficient use of space. Well-designed and stylish, the Black Glass door finishing makes it aesthetically pleasing and easy to install in any kitchen setting. If you’re looking for a large fridge that cools efficiently and consumes less energy, this inverter supported model is worth considering.

Quick and efficient cooling

The Side by side door design and premium colour give this refrigerator a classy look. This makes it popular with larger families that have five or more members. The Intelligent Inverter Compressor technology saves more energy than conventional refrigerators and is less noisy and far more durable. Packed with several beautiful features like a double vegetable box, triple twist ice tray and more make it a very attractive package at a great price point. If you’re looking to get the best value for your money, pick this one.

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