Gentle detergents for your woollen clothes

FP Studio December 14, 2020 13:15:31 IST
Gentle detergents for your woollen clothes

All-round protection for woollen garments

This product is designed to offer expert care and cleanse your clothes gently yet effectively. With its unique pH balance, this detergent has no soda and no bleach. Moreover, this liquid wash detergent offers germ protection which is not only harmful to you but also for your woollen clothes. This detergent is perfect for top load washing machines. It even cleans stains on your sweater and shawls causing no harm to the fabric. Even after 75+ washes, this detergent protects garments from shrinkage. Go for this detergent if you want all-round protection for your precious woollen garments.

With exclusive Bioquest formula

This liquid laundry detergent has improved cleaning power. With a dual-enzyme performance that begins working immediately at breaking down the toughest stains. The exclusive Bioquest formula cares for your clothes by keeping colours true and containing natural softeners to leave them feeling silky on the skin. This liquid detergent leaves no irritating residue and clothes. It is so safe that you can even wash baby clothes. The softener is based on coconut derivatives, this keeps clothes soft after every wash. Using this detergent means fresh, soft, and cosy woollen clothes.

For fluffy clothes

This liquid detergent has a special no soda formula. Its pH neutral formula gently cleanses your woollens from within. Its in-built micro conditioners make your woollens soft, fluffy and looking as good as new always. The spill-proof nozzle ensures that you pour the liquid uniformly in the measuring cap. After pouring, the liquid does not drip around the bottle and make it messy. It goes back, right into the bottle. This means zero wastage. Consider this detergent if you want to condition every thread of fabric.

Detergent your sweaters will love

Equipped with low foam technology which avoids rinsing, this brand new detergent prevents damage to the delicate fabric. This detergent is an expert on fabric wash specially designed to take care of your special clothes. From handknit sweaters to cardigans this detergent suits all kinds of woollen clothes. With no enzymes and bleach, this softener is extremely soft on your fabric. This special formula prevents shrinkage and retains store-bought lustre to your clothes. Get this woollen detergent and your fancy shawls and wraps will thank you for it!

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