Funky wall clocks to brighten your homes

FP Studio November 25, 2020 13:48:32 IST
Funky wall clocks to brighten your homes

White with a tinge of colour

The Caprio Wall Clock adds a lot of natural vibe to your home. Shaped in the form of a peacock, it is a good idea to have the national bird adorn your walls. Peacocks catch your eye because of their colorful feathers. This bird is always known for its vibrant color of blue and green. Grab your customized funky wall clock with a wonderful peacock holding it together. Blue stones are embedded in the feathers to enrich the look. The dimension of the clock is length 14 Inch x height 16.5 Inch. It surely adds up a elite look to your wall with a beautiful round design. It is an exported quality made up of wood with creative painting on it. It uses battery for power up and this wall clock can be easily cleaned up with dry towel.

Antique touch

The Efinito is a bright brown coloured clock with highly readable English and Roman numerals. It gives it a distinguished look and is great if you want to add a vintage touch to your home. It has two readings where the inner clock has Roman letters and the outer clock has high font sized numerals embedded in different colors of white, orange, brown and gold. It works with a quartz mechanism where there is no ticking sound, giving a peaceful and disturbance-free sleep. The brown frame has a plastic material and the transparent portion of the wall clock is made up of glass.

Makes your wall pop

The Hoopoe clock has more colors than the VIBGYOR colour scheme, with a stylist wood cut finish. The numbers are also large-sized to ensure high readability for people of all ages. It has no glass on top, so there is minimum chance of scratches and damage. The numbers are coloured white to stand out from other colors without getting merged up. It has engineering wood with high quality assurance. You need to wipe this clock dry as there is no glass on top, it may incur dust which is easily visible. The battery required for its power is 1AA size battery. It has a width of 28cm and a height of 28 cm as well. Great for young people.

Personalized clock

A single picture tells a million stories. Capture the moment with a photograph and cherish it always whenever you see the clock is ticking. The Cuddlyprint Wall Clock is customizable, so you can send your photograph to the given contact details and receive your favorite wall clock. It has a wavy shape on all the four sides. It is more or less like a frame with high thickness of 20*14 mm in black color. Diameter of the clock is 10 x 10 Inches and is made on 3mm thick MDF board without a glass in front. It is made up of Vinyl print with strong MDF wood. The battery type is One AA where no glass is required. Great for families.

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