Funky sunglasses for men

FP Studio November 26, 2020 09:29:46 IST
Funky sunglasses for men

Rap feels

Badshah Sunglasses are just like the rapper. The golden frame gives it a very hip-hop look. It is very stylish and will guarantee a very cool look once you wear it. It is a large sunglass which ensures that it covers your eyes and also protects the area under your eyes. It is very lightweight and is stored in an air-pouch that protects it from scratches. It is a favourite of celebrities and if you wear it, you will also look classy like the leading men out there. It is a unisex sunglass but it is very highly recommended for men as it has a larger frame.

For a gangster look

You would have come across thug life sunglass in savage videos with the iconic background music. Here’s a chance for you to rab your thug life sunglass and make a fashion statement! The frame is black in color and the design is very delicate and compact. The white stock of cubes is the embedded design inside the frame. It gives you a casual look with a ‘deal with it’ attitude during any situation and circumstance. Both the lens and frame are black in color. The thug life sunglasses comes in wayfarer and rimless shapes. It is a unisex collection that suits people of all age groups with style.

Iron man sunglasses

This glass is inspired by Tony Stark, the Iron man and his aviator shades. It is available in a variety of colors like silver, three different shades of black, four different shades of blue, etc. This sunglass is widened at the edge with UV 400 protection for the eyes. It is an anti-reflective glass that protects your eyes from UVA and UVB rays. This is a perfect pair of sunglasses for men who are fans of Marvel comics and it is a great gift item for them.

Bollywood shades

A red funky leather cap at the edge of circular black framed sunglass gives a funky look to both boys and men of any age. As it is inspired by Ranveer Singh, you can get that cool vibe that he has while wearing this sunglass. As the circular frame is more elegant than the rectangular frame, it gives an elite look. It goes well with faces of all shapes and the yellow lens fits perfectly with a red leather cap. This glass will suit you on both casual and festive occasions.

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