Funky earrings for girls

FP Studio November 26, 2020 09:23:11 IST
Funky earrings for girls

Party wear earrings

A long earring with a silvery look, YouBella earrings can go well with all kinds of dresses. A ring-like shape is followed by a pretty jhumka at the end making a strong fashion statement that accentuated with small beads floating alongside. If you want to be in the limelight on any occasion, you can choose this earring as it has a dazzling finish. It is highly skin-friendly by following international safety standards. Do not spray any harsh chemicals or oil into it as the earring may fade and get discolored because of it. Handle this piece with care from other harsh substances to make it long-lasting.

Italian designer earrings

Shining Diva earrings are bright with a combination of black, blue, and gold color embedded with a white gem for a copper metallic finish. The design of these earrings have four diamond shapes clustered together to match any vibrant occasion you go on. The plating is highly durable and will not fade away easily. It is high-quality jewelry with a shining outlook. Keep the jewelry away from harsh chemicals and perfumes to emsure it lasts long by storing it in an air pouch for safety. It is made up of 5 layers with advanced 18k micro gold plating. Suitable for splashy occasions.

For Nature lovers

Regalo Vintage Earrings take you back to the past with a stunning golden- copper finish resembling an owl. The wide eyes of the owl in the earring are embedded with a black gem enhancing the overall look of it with high vintage style. It is suitable for all kinds of dresses and all occasions which can also go well with office goers. As per International standards, the earring is both nickel and lead-free making it non-allergic. Owl earrings are a new trend and this makes for an awesome gift as well.

Crystal hangings

Yellow Chimes earrings are luminous and made out of clear-cut crystal that float from a white gem with black chaining and gem linings. They are very vibrant and add a lot of class to one’s look. It is a long earring with beautiful work with a measuring length of 8*2.2 cm. It is a piece of mesmerizing jewelry suitable for grand dresses and important occasions. The color of reflection changes at different angles and at different forms of light making it so brighter than normal crystal hangings. It really catches one’s eye. Suitable for office wear.

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