Fun snorkeling kits for kids

FP Studio December 18, 2020 18:08:42 IST
Fun snorkeling kits for kids

Full face snorkelling mask

This Fulim mask is a foldable diving mask for kids. It folds the tube by gently push button. The foldable snorkel tube design perfectly solves non-folding snorkel masks problem of installation difficulty. The mask is easy to breath. It has a soft silicone face material, which is safe and comfortable. The swimming mask is anti-fog and anti-leak. The full face snorkel mask allows you to breath via nose and mouth. It offers 180 ° large view and waterproof motion camera which can be easily mounted. You no longer need to keep the snorkel in your mouth and keep your mouth closed. With 9. 4 inches longer snorkel tube you get to dive deeper.

Diving mask

It is a four piece diving mask snorkel fins set. It comes with 1 mask, 1 snorkel tube, 1 pair of fins and 1 gear bag. You can benefit from the safety drain valve of the bottom of mask to get more safety environment for divers. You can easily take the kit and start an easy travel and enjoy snorkelling and having fun on the sea diving face. The mask has adjustable head strap which makes it comfortable to wear. The Meneflix Youngster Diving Set is made of food grade silicone, adjustable tube buckle, easy to clean, no odour and discomfort. The crystal clear tempered glass lens of the mask has been through anti-fog treatment to help you see the tiniest things in the water. It has scratch resistance lens and hence prevents from accidental scratches and remains with high clarity the dry snorkel is designed with a splash resistant top. It prevents water from entering the snorkel top.

Underwater mask

This is a blue colour 180° FULL FACE DESIGN snorkelling mask. This snorkel mask makes it easier than ever to breathe comfortably through your mouth or nose while you are snorkelling. The mask and snorkel provide a 180° viewing area. Kids will love the way the mask works as they are learning to snorkel and swim with their head in the water, plus they will think it's so cool to be able to breathe underwater! It is the biggest of any snorkel mask. The mask has integrated Mount, you can easily attach your camera to capture and share your adventure with friends and family. The dry snorkel is designed with a splash resistant top which prevents the water entering in when you descend below the waterline. It has an anti-fog design. There is nothing worse than dealing with a mask that is constantly fogging up. It is easy to use, so you spend less time fussing with equipment and more time enjoying your snorkelling experience.

Dual Snorkelling Mask

It is an ultimate breathing system. You get to experience the newest evolution in snorkelling technology. It has a unique design as the diving mask snorkelling set is equally well designed with separate lenses, which provide a wide underwater view for you. It is the full face breathing mask. The glasses are outfitted with a wide-angle, anti-fogging viewing window, comfortable silicon face padding and has easily adjustable nylon straps. It has anti fog design. The innovative 180° view diving mask design eliminates the traditional 2-piece goggle setup and allows regular, natural breathing with maximum comfort. It gives clarity & comfort.

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