Fresh Breath is Only a Rinse Away With These Top Four Mouthwashes

FP Studio November 24, 2020 10:25:27 IST
Fresh Breath is Only a Rinse Away With These Top Four Mouthwashes

Anti-bacterial with a refreshing flavour

With an extra refreshing peppermint flavour, this mouthwash gives you an instant blast of fresh and cooling sensation. But most importantly, it is alcohol free. Just one use of 20 ml mouthwash in a day will keep your breath pleasant for almost 24 hours. It helps prevent cavities and removes 99 percent germs to ensure healthy gums in just 30 seconds of gargling. You can use it after you’ve brushed your teeth or even post meals to keep bad breath away - especially when you’re outdoors. You should buy this product for its refreshing flavour.

With the goodness of essential oils

Suitable for everyone above 12 years of age, this mouthwash clears away various oral problems like bad breath, bleeding gums and plaque. With its alcohol-free formula it removes most of the germs that cannot be dealt with only by brushing. Moreover, it has a patented essential oil formulation which penetrates into the plaque to remove bacteria. The cooling mint flavour is less intense, but sufficient to keep bad breath away. The mouthwash should preferably be used twice a day for best results. If you’re looking for a mouthwash that’s mild tasting then this is what you should buy.

Takes care of oral health with added benefits

This mouthwash does a lot more than just taking care of your oral hygiene by ensuring healthy gums, clean teeth, zero plaque, and a fresh breath. Regular use of this mouthwash can reduce your cough as well as keep the tonsils healthy. The mouthwash contains a variety of natural ingredients which together work wonders on your overall health. It has aloe vera juice, clove, neem oil, eucalyptus, calendula, ajwain, tea tree oil, camphor and menthol - each with its own antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help repair, sooth and maintain great oral health. Go for this if you are looking for something that has natural ingredients.

Designed to care for sore throat and cough

Specially formulated with many natural ingredients with ayurvedic properties like neem, spearmint and cloves, this mouthwash provides total protection for the mouth. It keeps infections, inflammations, and cavities away while cleansing and strengthening the gums. In fact, this mouthwash also keeps sore throat and cough at bay with its alcohol-free formula and also maintains fresh breath for a long time. Buy this product if you’re looking for something with ayurvedic properties.

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