French presses that help you sip on the perfect cup of coffee every time

FP Studio February 23, 2021 01:46:57 IST
French presses that help you sip on the perfect cup of coffee every time

Make the perfect brew with this four-level filtering press

This option comes with a four-lever filtering system consisting of two stainless steel screens, a spring-loaded base that seals the edges during pressing and a lid strainer to trap any grounds. There's no unpleasant muddiness you typically get with other french presses. The handle is sturdy and is made of high-grade heat-resistant material making it easy to hold. All individual materials surpass food/drink grade quality. BPA-free plastic lid strainer. Use the French press coffee machine to froth milk, the double screen filters make perfect milk froth for your latte. Pick this to savor the deep roasted flavor, full body and subtle notes of your favorite beans from your very first cup.

A versatile press that delivers on flavor

This french press comes with water level markings on its glass carafe. These measurement markings will help you to use exact amounts of water and coffee powder to get your perfect brew each time! It comes with extra mesh filters, a cleaning brush and a coffee scooper. To use - Add your favorite coffee powder to your french press, pour boiling hot water into your carafe, wait for 3 to 4 minutes then press until your plunger is at the bottom and serve! Suitable for daily use, you can also brew tea, froth milk and squash fresh fruit.

A french press, made in Italy

Some french press doesn't just deliver on flavor but is also a style statement to your kitchen table. This classic black press with a matte black engraving looks stellar. It comes with measurement markings on the heat-resistant glass carafe that lets you brew your coffee to perfection in less than 4 minutes. Extremely durable and made with special lightweight material, this one is not only small and handy in size and effectiveness, but extremely sleek and sturdy. Pick this up for its brand and Italian make.

Sip the real goodness of coffee

This French press is made with 18/10 stainless steel and comes with a borosilicate glass carafe that makes at least 8 cups of rich, authentic coffee. To use - place it on a dry, surface. Hold the handle firmly, then pull the plunger unit straight up and out of the pot. Put course ground coffee or loose tea into the pot followed with some boiling hot water. Leave a minimum of 1-inch space at the top. Stire the brew and leave it for at least 4 minutes. Then using the weight of your hand, apply slight pressure on top of the knob to slowly lower the plunger straight down into the pot. Minimum pressure produces the best results. Open the lid and serve. Easy to clean and disassemble, this one is dishwasher safe.

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