Four powerful Squash racquets that will improve your game

FP Studio March 18, 2021 12:50:06 IST
Four powerful Squash racquets that will improve your game

For improved speed

The Tecnifibre carboflex 125 S squash racquet is quick and responsive. Its frame is made from lightweight graphite, so it feels light as you manoeuvre the court. The custom-fit bumper and separable guard allows for a higher head-light balance. This translates to an improved speed no matter what level you’re playing at. The pole is configured to give you a lot of power and flex while allowing you to practice balance. Need one more reason to buy it? This is the racquet that Egyptian-born international squash player Mohamed El Shorbagy uses.

For greater power

This racquet is crafted with intelifibers, that take on the impact of the ball and change it into an electrical response that stiffens the racquet. This gives you more power and control. These Intellifibers are in the shaft and head of the racquet. The second the ball hits the strings, the intelifibers create resistance. We recommend this racquet to people who want to practice their backhands and backhand flips. Its light frame and size 4 grip will give you noticeable control on the court.

For power serves

This racquet is made from aluminium and has a PU Grip in grip size G4. It is a strung racquet and is guaranteed to improve your game. This is the perfect racquet for beginners since it’s just slightly heavier than other racquets on the market. A heavier racquet allows you to practice your power serves and gives you better control, whether you’re training by yourself or practising with a partner. The strings are strong and provide good impact with the ball.

For mid-level players

This well-designed racquet has 120g frame weight, a 525 sq. cm head size and a 16 X 19 string pattern. Specs aside, the unique power ridge technology positioned near the throat of the racquet, offers improved stiffness and stabilizes the racquet head during impact. This translates into great shock absorption during play. The overall make of the racquet is sophisticated and it’s a good choice for mid-level players who want to get the most out of solo practice, training sessions or tournaments.

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