Four Popular Convection Microwave Ovens For Your Kitchen Convenience

FP Studio November 12, 2020 11:24:00 IST
Four Popular Convection Microwave Ovens For Your Kitchen Convenience

Quick and hygienic cooking

This convection microwave oven gives you a great cooking experience with all its features and is perfect for large families. The high rack, low low rack and motorised rotisserie along with more than 123 pre-set auto cook menu, this convection microwave is all you need to become the next home chef. In fact, oil-free cooking is so easy with this appliance, that you can enjoy healthy meals more frequently than ever before. And what’s more, is that it has a deodoriser and a steam cleaning option to ensure perfect hygiene with spotless clean up after you’re done cooking. If you’re a cleanliness freak who loves cooking for your family, this convection microwave is the right choice for you.

Hassle-free cooking for large families

Suitable for everyday cooking for a family of 4 to 6 members, this 30-litre capacity convection microwave comes in quite handy. The appliance has functions for baking your favourite dishes and desserts, grilling meals and also giving you the flexibility to cook a variety of everyday meals in a matter of minutes. It also defrosts your food with an automatically adjusted time setting after entering its weight. With all its functionality, and modern, sleek design this convection microwave fits right into your kitchen, both space and decor-wise. If you’re looking for something fit for a large family, this convection microwave is what you need.

Remembers 3 cooking cycles

From baking your most favourite cakes to grilling healthy meals, this convection microwave with 20-litre capacity is suitable for small families. The product comes in a silver finish and makes for a perfect within every kitchen. Its combination technology helps cook your food with the best of all the modes. This convection microwave also has different auto cook settings and lets you pick from 24 standard menus. In case you want to go for your own cook settings, this product’s memory lets you store up to three such cooking cycles so you can cook quickly and easily every time! All you need to do is push buttons on the sensitive touchpad and you’re good to go! Get this microwave if you’re looking to cook hassle-free for yourself or your small family.

Fuss free for the modern home

Suitable for large families, this convection microwave oven will motivate you to go on your cooking sprees more often than you think. Occasional baking and grilling will now become a regular deal with the product’s easy to use cooking features - especially since there are 200 menus for you to pick from. Apart from this the product is equipped with auto reheat, keep warm and deodoriser features that come in truly handy. The convection microwave also lets you control temperatures depending on your cooking requirements. If you’re someone who enjoys cooking, then this convection microwave will be a good kitchen companion to have.

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