Four Best Kids Room Rugs That Add Personality And Style

FP Studio December 15, 2020 22:02:56 IST
Four Best Kids Room Rugs That Add Personality And Style

Fun solar system designed rug
Made of 100 percent high quality nylon loop file, the rug is extremely soft to touch and is also fire retardant which means it won’t readily be prone to any accidental fire. The rug is quite colourful and has a fun depiction of the solar system along with letters, numbers and shapes and colours - something that not only is a creative addition to the room but also something that kids can learn from. Moreover, this 40” by 51” sized rug is designed to be non-slip with a criss cross pattern on the bottom which ensures safety for the kids. Buy this rug for its safety features - especially if you have kids who love running around the room.

Handwoven by artisans in Jaipur
This rug not only looks great because of the lovely colours it comes in, but being 71 inches long, it also covers a large floor area. It is handwoven by artisans from Jaipur and makes for a perfect addition to the room decor as well. The rug is made with 100 percent cotton and for good and safe cleaning, it is better to dry clean it from time to time. The material is quite thick and can be perfect for sitting on - especially in the winters when it becomes difficult to step or sit on the floor. Buy this product for its impeccable hand-woven quality.

Sporty and fun football shaped rug
A fun addition to any kids room - especially if the kids are sporty, is this round rug shaped like a football. There is also an option to buy it in the shape of a basketball so you can pick the one your kids like. The base is anti-slip and ensures it stays in one place even on a damp floor or a smooth surface. It’s diameter is 60 cm, and it is perfect to place in front of the door. In fact, because it is made with high quality polyester it is good to use it as something to dust your feet on, in order to keep the room clean. Buy this product if you’re in search of something fun yet durable.

Matches aesthetics of any room
Being vibrant and colourful, this rug will complement all types of room decor and add to the fun aesthetics of your kids’ room. The rug has a striped pattern which has been hand woven with a premium quality cotton yarn and is extremely comfortable and soft. The product is made with a fabric that is environment-friendly and does not wear out easily either. The rug is reversible in nature and can be flipped after one side gets dirty to extend time between two washes. Given that it is thick, it will be clean on the side that was facing the floor. Not to mention the rug is easy to clean as well. You should buy this product if you’re looking for something that does not shed and is stain resistant.

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