Four Best Dust Cleaning Slimes to Keep Your Surfaces Clean

FP Studio November 17, 2020 17:52:52 IST
Four Best Dust Cleaning Slimes to Keep Your Surfaces Clean

Disinfects surfaces responsibly

Catching dust and dirt onto itself with ease, this product makes a wonderful solution for cleaning difficult surfaces like keyboards, sofa folds, or any gaps and slits. The gel itself is non-sticky to hand but gets the job done well. It is a great tool to use on surfaces which are known to collect dirt but where water or other liquids cannot be used, for example - mobile phones, electronic appliances, gadgets, music instruments etc. Simply press it down on the surface and it will collect all the dirt. Once you’re done, just fold over and start fresh. What’s more is that this slime has been made with biodegradable material, which makes it environment-friendly as well - perfect for all the responsible citizens out there.

Lasts for many days

This cleaning slime gel comes in an 80gm pack and is good for everyday use. Convenient and easy to use, this cleaning gel is perfect to get rid of all the dirt from your car. Difficult to reach parts like car AC vent, door handles, steering wheel, storage compartment can now be cleaned with ease. All you need to do is press it down 2 to 3 times and lift it. In case it gets dirty after several uses, just wash it with plain water, keep it aside for air drying and it's ready to be used again. This one’s perfect for every cleanliness freak out there.

Cleans and smells pleasant

Made with guar gum - a type of gum extracted from vegetables, this cleaning slime gel is safe for everyday use. Once you press it down to clean the needed surfaces and pick it back up, you’ll be shocked to see the amount of dirt and dust you’d otherwise have ignored. The gel itself is reusable and lasts for a longer time by just simply folding after each use until the compound turns dark. Not only does it clean your surfaces but also leaves behind a pleasant aroma with the fragrance it contains. Get this slime gel if you’re looking for something that will leave you feeling clean as well as fresh!

Get more cleaning done

Rightly known as an all-rounder dust cleaner, the cleaning compound catches dirt from places your normal cleaning tools aren’t able to. Gaps or slits difficult to reach with a broom or a dusting cloth get cleaned effortlessly and within seconds too. The cleaning gel absorbs all the dirt and picks up much more than you’d think. It also has disinfectant properties, killing whatever germs that have settled on to your belongings. This particular product is a pack of 2, but you can buy various sizes depending on your requirement. This product is perfect for those who take cleanliness seriously.

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