Four Best Closet Organisers For Your Little Ones

FP Studio November 24, 2020 10:18:00 IST
Four Best Closet Organisers For Your Little Ones

Easy to assemble closet

Designed keeping in mind modern needs, this closet comes unassembled with panels, connectors, doors and hanging rods that can be built and adjusted according to your preferences and requirements. These closets are available in many different colours and you can take your pick depending on your existing room decor. The closet is waterproof and dust-resistant, easy to clean and also easily portable. It is also extremely sturdy and each cube can hold upto 6 pounds of weight making it perfect for a variety of things like kids’ toys, games, clothes, study material etc. Buy this self-assembled closet in case you’re looking for something that’s easy to move around.

Cloth organiser for wardrobe

Made of cloth, this closet organiser comes in six layers to store your clothes and larger items. The bottom-most layer has an enclosed drawer space with a handle that makes it easy to pull out, in which you can put all your trinkets and accessories. The organiser is 33 inches in height and 11 by 11 inches in length and width. It doesn’t require any effort to add into your existing cupboard - just needs to be hung from the hanger rods in the closet with its velcro straps. You should get this product if you want to make your existing closet space efficient.

Closet cubes that can be used separately

This closet is a DIY activity in itself where you can engage your kids in helping you build a closet space for them. The closet can be a maximum of 12 cubed compartments which can be used separately to build more than one storage unit. The doors of these cubes have a picture of an animal each - making the closet a fun addition to your kids rooms. Made of strong durable plastic, each of these cubes is built to handle approximately 10 kg of storage. This product is perfect for your kids’ room if you’re looking for something that adds a fun decor element to their room while not compromising on the storage.

Portable cabinet made of cloth

Perfect for those who like keeping everything organised, this closet has been beautifully designed to accommodate more than you’d think. It comes unassembled and all you need to put it together easily is the cloth cover, steel tube and plastic connectors. Being sturdy yet lightweight, the closet is portable and easy to move around the house. The closet is large in size which ensures that most of your kids’ belongings will fit into it quite well, and be accessible at all times. Buy this closet if you’re in search for something that keeps thighs organised.

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