Food safe containers for easy organisation and storage

FP Studio November 11, 2020 09:21:02 IST
Food safe containers for easy organisation and storage

The multitasking container set

This handy set of rectangular containers has cheery green lids, are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe and more importantly of different sizes. Great for storing a whole variety of food, we were able to stack these in cupboards and fridges with ease. Useful for all kinds of food, now you needn’t worry about having a container for your farsan, pasta, nuts, dried fruits, cookies, and more.

Bake, serve and store with one set

Made from borosilicate glass, this set of four square containers is excellent for a variety of storing needs. Stack them or take them with you thanks to their straight edges that take up minimal room. The smart lock lids have useful vents that make it easy to reheat and keep your food warm for a bit. The dish itself makes it easy to bake, serve and store leftovers easily and without too much trouble. Easy to clean and maintain for years, get these if you’re looking for a truly versatile storage option.

Space-saving and stackable set

This nestable set of 6 food-safe, plastic containers are a real steal. Ideal for a busy kitchen, weekly meal prep, and even to keep dry foods fresh, this set is also suitable for organising crafting supplies and other knick-knacks around the house. The wide assortment of sizes ensures you always have the right sized container on hand. Sturdy and well built, the clip lock lids make it easy to open and close while the transparent walls allow you to see precisely what is inside at one glance. Get these if you are looking for a matching set with different sizes.

On-the-go food storage made easy

A reliable food storage container makes all the difference to how much time and effort you put into storing, reheating and serving your food. This set of four square boxes is a superb choice for your office lunch bag thanks to its lids that seal entirely to prevent leaking. The tab for easy opening seemed like no big deal, but makes a big difference when you want to get to your food quickly and easily. Scratch-resistant, stackable and versatile enough for your refrigerator leftover storage or small portions of salads and sauce. We recommend this matt-finished set for anyone who is looking for a quality product that keeps food fresh for longer.

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