Five Best Pedestal Fans To Improve Air Circulation

FP Studio June 19, 2021 21:16:36 IST
Five Best Pedestal Fans To Improve Air Circulation

High performance guaranteed
This sleek, black high-speed pedestal fan is designed to provide more airflow than most others. Suitable for any room or outdoors, this fan has three speed settings Low, Medium, and High, which need to be accessed manually. You can adjust the height, move it as far as 1.8 metres away from the plug point and even tilt the fan’s head up or down while adjusting its angle as well. The timer on the fan will switch it off after 2 hours once you set it. You can be worry-free about your pedestal fan with its powerful 100% copper motor with two years warranty. All you need to do is assemble it within minutes and enjoy! This pedestal fan is the perfect option if sturdiness is what you’re after.

Access from across the room
No matter which corner of the room you’re in, you can control this fan without moving with its remote control function! The remote can change speed, choose between modes, set a timer, oscillate or switch the fan on or off. The speed selector gives you the option to choose between standard, sleep, and normal. The fan also comes with an inbuilt thermal overload protector to ensure safety in case of high motor usage. The two years warranty that it comes with means that you have nothing to worry about. If you’re looking for convenience as an added benefit to cooling - this pedestal fan is for you.

Higher air throw to keep you cool
Unlike most pedestal fans, this product comes with five blades for higher air throws. With a strong body, powder-coated metal grill, high-quality blades, and a stable base - the fan is more durable and withstanding any harm. You can adjust its height as per your choice by merely moving the stand pole and the knob. Depending on your needs and climate, this fan lets you switch between various speeds and also sets a timer to switch on and off. Stop your search if you’re looking for a durable pedestal fan that gives you higher functionality.

Cools vast areas smoothly
It's aerodynamically designed blades that give a total sweep length of 400mm make this pedestal fan an excellent option to buy. The product has an automated oscillation function that ensures smooth and jerk-free cooling across wide areas. The fan gives users the option to change its height and tilt it vertically at three angles. Its white body looks elegant and feels fresh amidst your home decor - especially because of its quiet movement. Operate the fan with the panel on its sturdy body whenever you want! This product is perfect for you if you need peace of mind while it’s switched on.

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