Feeding kits and accessories for babies

FP Studio December 15, 2020 16:24:14 IST
Feeding kits and accessories for babies

An attractively designed feeder

This is a small feeder consisting of a feeding plate and a spoon and fork. It is made from toxic free bamboo fiber ensuring the nutritional value remains intact and is biodegradable. The plate has a very attractive car shaped design which engages the baby and makes the feeder have a proper depth for liquid food to be served too. It is anti-oil, anti-scratch, and very easy to wash. If you are looking for a feeder suitable for small babies, IN ONE Kid Eco-Friendly Material Bamboo Fiber Meal Feeding is the best pick for you.

Baby apron with bib

A disposable waterproof baby apron with bib made of cotton fabric that feels very soft of the baby’s tender skiing and absorbs the spills, dribbles, and drools of all kinds of food mess may it be liquid or semi-solid. It comes in a set of six having cute small designs printed all over it. The size is thoughtfully made to ensure the purpose is fulfilled along with being easy to carry in a diaper bag or purse. If you are looking for a baby bib to be used for travel, BabyGo Waterproof Babies Apron with Bib is the best buy for you.

Dual-ended baby spoons

An ergonomically designed baby spoon to encourage them to self-eating. It is made of soft silicone for a flexible and soft tip that provides the right bite portions and does not hurt their gums. It also works great as a teether toy for the kids who are just halibut to start having their teeth grow. The handles are in perfect shape, size, and length that they easily fit in the baby’s small palm and provide the grip required. If you are looking for a baby spoon, Chic Buddy Best First Stage Baby Infant Spoons Dual Edge is perfect that comes in a set of two.

A complete dinner set

A five items dinner set made from bamboo fiber that is nontoxic, light in weight, and very easy to clean. This product consists of a large plate that has a divider, a bowl, a water cup, a spoon, and a fork. It is specifically designed for kids who have just begun to eat on their own. The whole set is designed in a way that it provides good stability when placed on a smooth surface, reducing accidental falls and spillage. This cute and colorful designed FunBlast (Set of 5 Pcs) Bamboo Fiber Eco-Friendly Kids Feeding Set is a perfect gifting item.

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