Family board games that you need before your next vacation

FP Studio November 24, 2020 11:43:49 IST
Family board games that you need before your next vacation

Learning and fun
Here is a board game that everyone in your house will definitely enjoy. This game lets you show off your skills at doing business and it also helps the younger ones learn more about how the financial world works. It includes a colorful and attractive game board, 6 playing pegs and other accessories like deed cards, money and a rule book. Silly Me Business Board Game is easy to play and a great way to spend time with your friends and family.

Good quality material
Here is a game that involves smartness as well as fun. This game has a hexagonal wooden package of approximately 24x4x20 cm which is very compact and travel friendly. It also consists of 60 pieces of 6 different colors. This game of Chinese checkers is fun and you require some skills to win. The game board is made of an overall good quality wooden material and the pins also have very vibrant colors. Grizzly Traditional Chinese Checkers Game Set is a perfect game to be played during family trips or vacations.

Twists and Turns
Are you looking for a game that involves a lot of fun along with some interesting twists and turns? You are looking for the game of life. Hasbro Gaming the Game of Life involves ultimate fun and madness. You get to choose a different path at every turn of this game which then leads to a lot of surprises and unexpected turn of events. This game gives you the experience of life in a light hearted manner. It has a very attractive looking board. The game decides whether you end up bankrupt or a millionaire. This game is perfect to be played with a lot of players.

Mystery and Guessing Skills
Bring your drawing and guessing skills to the table while playing this board game. This is a very simple and fun game that always ends up with a lot of laughter. It can be played among several teams where you need to guess the other persons drawing according to one of the 206 cards included in the pack. Mattel’s Pictionary comes with an upgraded board and pen and paper so you don’t have to wait for the fun to start. This game is easy but it also requires good time management skills for someone to win it.

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