Fabulous wall shelves to brighten up your living room

FP Studio February 23, 2021 01:30:57 IST
Fabulous wall shelves to brighten up your living room

Add some geometric beauty to your walls

Made of wood and wrought iron, this gold shelf sized 32*11*27 cm is the perfect addition to your living room walls. Its modern hexagonal design offers a dual shelf pattern that is roomy enough to display all your souvenir and succulents with ease. Top-quality finishing and a sturdy build make it easy to add to any space quickly and easily fit into a modern design aesthetic. If you want a shelf that is as good-looking as it is reliable, this hexagonal masterpiece is just what you need.

Beautiful wooden trio

This set of three floating shelves are made from high-quality Medium Density Fiber (MDF) this is both easy to mount and convenient to fit into any part of your home. We loved how the three sizes let you play around with the positioning and helps make a room instantly feel classier. With a dark natural wood look, they fit in with most home aesthetics and work well with multiple surface types and colors without a hassle. As we did, you can use these versatile shelves for everything from books to photographs. If you’re looking for an easy way to upgrade your room’s look, these shelves are just the ticket.

Gain access to corners

When dealing with homes, making use of all available space is a rare skill. This two-tiered corner shelf comes complete with all the tools and instructions needed to assemble and mount it. Positioned strategically, it's a great way to display your newest sculptures, a few of your favorite plants or add aromatherapy diffusers to a room more subtly. The shape, size, and build are all sturdy and durable, while the design is versatile enough to fit perfectly with all kinds of spaces and styles.

Imaginative floating shelving ideas

Ideal for showcasing your healing crystals, miniature cactus collection or smaller knick-knacks, this set of two hanging shelves are stylish and pretty. The white color gives them an airy feel though it can only support up to 3 kgs. Ideally, we wouldn’t recommend it for encyclopedias or heavy brass decor but selected few lightweight items look fantastic here. Possibly the best way to maximize your space, these shelves have a distinctly minimalist feel to them and perfect if you’re looking for something you can install quickly and maintain easily.

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