Top Eyewear to keep you chic

pallavi pahwa June 02, 2020 00:00:08 IST
Top Eyewear to keep you chic

Fly high with this stylish pair

Right now, this is both a classic and one of the most iconic sunglass shapes in the world. Think of hit movies like Top Gun and you’ll see how this style is as cool now as it was way back then. Originally designed for US aviators in 1937, these sunglasses are a timeless accessory that bring together chic aviator styling and performance with high quality and comfort. They say some styles never go out of fashion, and this is one timeless classic that will stay in vogue forever. We loved the black frame around the green lens that made for some Instagram worthy pictures without even trying hard. We paired them with an ethnic, western or avant garde modern outfit to great effect. Now, it's your turn! Try them on and shine on.

Aviators for all year fashion

Enhance your style statement in minutes by simply throwing on this pair of aviators. Trendy and perfect for any kind of occasion, they never really go out of style, do they? Made with Polycarbonate material, this pair is even polarized and ergonomically designed for a hugging, comfortable fit you can wear for hours. But besides the all-day wearing comfort, these shades are lightweight, offer stunning looks and come in a range of cheerful colours. Now you can keep your eyes safe as these lenses block harmful UVA/UVB light rays up to a wavelength of 400 nanometres. Matte finished, 100% protection and a wayfarer design - we don’t think it gets more versatile and safer than this!

Look like a superstar

Whether you want them for everyday wear to work or to travel around and experience the world, these sunglasses give you an easy splash of sophistication. Even with a simple jeans and tee look, the trick is to look for catchy shades like this pair that are uniquely styled and finished. Designed to help protect your eyes from excessive sunlight, Dervin sunglasses reduce distracting glare and allow you to see more clearly in bright sunlight. A pair of high-quality and light-filtering lenses set on a swanky frame fulfil two key elements - fashion and function - without trying too hard at all. And this one is in vogue right now, since super stars are flaunting it on the big screen as well. So don’t hesitate and get one now!

High quality glasses with trendy design

Elevate your style quotient with this chic yet understated pair of sunnies that you can take anywhere. Stay trendy with these lightweight and portable models that give you two looks to pick from when doing a range of outdoor activities such as driving, shopping, taking photographs with ease. In this case, two is definitely better than one! Committed to providing high-quality looks that are easy to maintain and protect your eyes, these shades shield your eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiations and have a stylish hard case to make them easy to protect during travel. This one is quite unassuming, and will definitely make for a conversation starter!

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