Ergonomic pillows for a restful night’s sleep

FP Studio December 15, 2020 10:35:43 IST
Ergonomic pillows for a restful night’s sleep

For therapeutic, refreshing slumber

This pillow uses memory foam and premium fabric to give you the most comfortable sleep experience. Designed to offer the best neck and shoulder support, this well-contoured pillow is suitable for all kinds of sleepers. Made from breathable materials, this pillow keeps you cool and dry while you rest. If you suffer from allergies, you’ll appreciate that this contoured pillow comes with a silky soft cover made from a blend of hypoallergenic materials. You won’t have any trouble keeping it clean as the washable pillowcase comes with a convenient zipper for easy removal. If you’re looking for a pillow that offers an ideal balance of luxury and comfort, choose this one.

For faster and deeper sleep

Regardless of your body shape or your sleeping style, you’re sure to love this orthopaedic pillow. With a 100% memory foam inner, this pillow’s efficient design helps you eliminate muscle pain while you sleep by relieving pressure along your upper spine. While keeping your head, shoulders and spine in alignment, you’ll find yourself falling asleep faster and waking up feeling completely refreshed. The temperature-sensitive foam used in this pillow adapts to the shape of your head and neck, for superior comfort. We found using this pillow led to a considerable reduction of pain and better sleep. If you’re looking for a fantastic pillow for deep sleep, your search ends here.

A pillow fit for royalty, that’s easy on your wallet

This king-sized pillow features gel-infused memory foam inner that offers great support while you sleep. Ideal for use in the bed or as back support while you work from home, the well-ventilated design optimises air circulation so you’ll always remain comfortably cool. While the 400 GSM pillowcase will make you feel like you’re sleeping on clouds, it also provides excellent protection from dust mites. The pillow also comes with a 200 GSM inner cover that protects the foam. Available at a very reasonable price, you won’t regret buying this luxurious pillow.
For a premium orthopaedic pillow at an affordable price, you can’t go wrong buying this one.

Ideal travel companion

Featuring two different comfort heights, the contours on this pillow help you relax while freeing you from back, neck and shoulder muscles from stiffness. Manufactured from foam that quickly regains its shape, you can easily roll it up and take it along with you on vacations or business trips. You won’t have to stress about keeping it clean as it comes with a machine washable, outer cover. Whether for use at home, in a car or on long train journeys, you’ll find it a complete value for money. If you’re looking for a travel-friendly pillow that’s completely worth the price, we highly recommend this one.

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