Enjoy health benefits of pure sweet almond oil

FP Studio May 15, 2021 23:45:19 IST
Enjoy health benefits of pure sweet almond oil

Nutrient-Rich oil that is backed with years of trust

Popular for years, this oil is made using the richest almonds and boasts of its purity. Regular use of this sweet almond oil can strengthen the brain and nerves. This nutrient-rich oil fights dandruff, is good for the heart and acts as a great massage oil to relieve stress and tension. It doesn't have any overpowering smell and is almost tasteless, which makes it easy to consume daily. 50ml of this oil is packed in a clear glass bottle which is considered the safest method of storing oils and medicines. A trustworthy brand, this oil is great to strengthen the fragile bones of growing children.

Pure Almond oil to build brain health

100% pure almond oil, this one helps improve brain health and aids in sharpening memory. Regular use of this oil on your scalp can also strengthen your hair and give you those lush locks you dream of. Good for children in providing better immunity and strong bones, this oil is an effective source of vitamin E that is good for heart health in adults. A great solution to constipation, regular use of this oil, can help in gut health too. Made organically, this oil is ideal to keep your body warm during the winters.

An enriching combination of nourishing oils

A natural conditioner to give you smooth and healthy hair, this almond oil is an amazing skincare add-on to lighten dark circles and reduce under-eye bags. Almond kernels are extracted and then cold-pressed to give you the purest form of almond oil that is further combined with sunflower oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, and Vitamin E to provide deep and long-lasting nourishment. This technique makes the oil a rich source of protein, is nourishing and absorbs well into the deepest layers of the skin. Suitable for healthy hair growth that also smoothes wrinkles, fine lines, and dry patches of skin.

A single solution with dual effects

Made with ayurvedic expertise, this almond oil is rich in vitamins and fatty acids and promotes better hair growth, and helps nourish and hydrate the skin. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that aids to restore your skin's natural pH levels and is ideal for meditation and aromatherapy. A quick and easy beauty hack - take a few drops of this oil and apply it on your lashes, regular use will give you thick and lush lashes in just a few weeks. Perfect for external use only, this one is just the right solution to hydrate your skin and hair.

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