Enjoy easy BBQ evening with these top chimney starters

FP Studio March 18, 2021 12:30:42 IST
Enjoy easy BBQ evening with these top chimney starters

A BBQ chef's best friend

Ever struggled to light a barbeque grill, then this chimney starter is for you. This chimney starter cuts down the time it takes to light coal to a red hot degree, to just about 10 minutes! It is perfect for those looking to show off their barbeque grilling skills without the hassle of waiting for ages, for the charcoal to burn. The product's design ensures that the charcoal heats up evenly and fast allowing you to get to what matters faster, the grilling!

Get your charcoal all fired up and ready to go

This chimney starter can handle all types of charcoal and have them lit and ready to go within 10 minutes, evenly heating the coals in the process. The steel coated chimney starter is built well and able to hold a substantial amount of coal for burning with ease. The heavy shield handle ensures that the only meat sizzling will be the steaks on the grill and not your fingers. The simple design makes it easy to use, carry, maintain and clean. The chimney starter is perfect for campfires and picnic getaways with the family.

Hassle-free barbecuing

Designed with hexagonal cut-outs to let in oxygen resulting in the charcoal lighting quickly and evenly, this chimney starter is a BBQ party must-have. With this chimney starter, since the coals are lumped together, radiation heats adjacent coals and convection heats coals higher in the stack, halving the time and effort as compared to flat grills. We found that this chimney starter works great with all types of charcoal and eliminates the need to start a fire using lighter fluid and the BBQ flavor. With even, fast-burning charcoal, this chimney starter keeps your hands soot-free.

Red hot charcoal in minutes!

With a large heat shield flap for added protection and evenly-spaced holes for perfect airflow, this chimney starter gets the job done efficiently and at a blazing fast time of only 5 minutes. Featuring a heavy-duty, iron body and a wooden handle, this charcoal starter is built to feel the heat, durability will not be an issue. This chimney starters essentially works by increasing the air-flow, thereby supplying more oxygen to the coals for quick burning. If you live in a windy region and love to grill all year round, you’ll be glad to know that the chimney starter performs well even in heavy winds. Buy it and get your grill chef’s hat on!

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