Enhance your kitchen with these awesome chopping boards

FP Studio August 12, 2020 18:37:20 IST
Enhance your kitchen with these awesome chopping boards

Light and food grade plastic

This chopping board is made from high quality food grade polypropylene plastic making it safe to use every day. It has a sleek design and an adequate size that can be stored easily in your kitchen. It is very light in weight owing to the fact that it is made from polypropylene. The heavy grade plastic used in its manufacturing helps it in withstanding the heavy wear and tear of daily kitchen usage. It comes with a rugged texture that grants it an excellent grip for chopping and slicing the fruits and vegetables thus making the process easy. It is compatible with dishwashers. So if you are looking for a chopping board compatible with dishwasher, Solimo plastic board is the one for you.

Natural antibacterial and sustainable

This chopping board is made from 100% natural bamboo which is toxin free and has antibacterial properties to keep your cooking hygienic. It is eco friendly and sustainable. Piesome Large Non-Slip Wooden Bamboo Cutting Board with Antibacterial Surface with Handle is suitable to cut, chop or slice vegetables to meat without causing marks on the board. The high quality bamboo is dense and strong to withstand your daily rigorous kitchen usage, thus making it a perfect buy if you use chopping board heavily everyday.It also ensures your knife blade doesn’t fall dull and comes with a wall hanging handle for easy storage.

It’s a chopping board cum platter server

This chopping board is made from the gorgeous Acacia hardwood known for its rich, dark and contrasting colours. It comes with a reversible design which facilitates chopping, slicing and cutting of vegetables, fruits or meat on one side and reserving the other to be used to serve your platter or a freshly baked pizza by you. Make in Modern Acacia Wood Cutting/Serving/Chopping Board is solid and durable owing to the hardwood it is made from. It comes with a handle by which you can handle to air dry it when not in use. If you are looking out for a dual purpose board, this one is made for you.

Oven safe non slip steel board

Tired of the traditional plastic wooden chopping boards? Try this stainless steel chopping board and you won’t be disappointed. OHUMLABS Stainless Steel 304 Metal Heavy Duty Safe Durable Chopping Board is made from food grade steel ensuring hygiene of your cooking. Unlike the plastic and wooden boards, it is free of molding, breakage or cracks. It is thick, strong and durable enough to chop meat, cut fruits and vegetables and knead dough. Its surface is marked with scale to help you while making pizza, bread, mousse or cakes. It is oven and dishwasher safe making it a must buy product.

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