Enhance your home décor with these trendy art prints

FP Studio November 25, 2020 13:36:34 IST
Enhance your home décor with these trendy art prints

Great in your kitchen

Here is a set of 5 poster photo frames that will add a touch of cuteness to your home. You can add this on a plain colored wall and it will completely change the look of your room. It consists of five replaceable photo frames and MDF cutlery and chalk board cutouts. It is made of a synthetic wood material which is light in weight and very easy to install. The quotes printed on these photos instill motivational thoughts and good vibes in your room. ART STREET Wall Photo Frame will look great in your dining room or kitchen. You can also give this as a gift to your friends and family members.

For nature lovers

Are you looking for an elegant nature themed art print for your room? Check out this set of 2 photo frames. These are two frames of 13x13 overall size made of premium quality canvas with a simple black outer frame. It has a matte finish bird floral design printed on the canvas along with an ultra-smooth texture. The combination of blue and white color gives Painting Mantra Bird Floral Art Print a sophisticated look. You can hang this on a wall or keep this on a table too.

Motivational quotes

Here are some art prints that will give you your daily dose of motivation. This art print consists of 4 simple frames of 22x22x1 dimension. It is made of a good quality wooden material and has a classy black frame. Indianara Framed Wall Hanging has four different motivational quotes printed on it that will help you kick start your day. They have a vibrant background and bold text which definitely catches attention. It is also lightweight, durable and comes without glass. These frames can pose as a perfect gift to your friends and family.

For vintage car enthusiasts

Now your empty walls are going to look trendier than ever with these vintage car art prints. This is a set of 4 art print made of MDF wood and it has a wooden brown colored frame too. It features a high quality printed design which has been laminated. The frames feature four classy cars Bugatti, Mercedes, Delage and Hispano which makes a great gift for a car lover. Painting Mantra Framed Art Print has a matte finish print which doesn’t require a glass cover. This frame will look great in absolutely any room of your house.

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