Engaging children's storybooks under 200 rupees

FP Studio February 26, 2021 12:52:16 IST
Engaging children's storybooks under 200 rupees

A classic story for beginner readers

There is nothing quite like sharing a Ladybird story with your child. A great way to make memories and begin exploring the world around us; this story will keep your child engaged over and over again. This book and others in level 1, are great for kids who are just learning how to put sounds and words together with plenty of words that are repeated. This makes it easy for children to get familiar with the text in no time. If you're looking for a way to introduce your child to the joy of reading books with immersive storylines, start with this one.

Humorous Indian stories for little ones

Children love stories set in history. The realm of kings and their wise men are great subjects to introduce several plots and subplots. This set of illustrated stories offers high-quality paper and printing as well as a colourful representation of Indian folklore. This is a gift that can quickly be passed on from one generation to another as well. If you're looking to regale your children with tales of wit and wisdom, built upon the themes of loyalty and friendship, add this popular pick to your cart right away.

A Disney classic for your kids

Beautifully illustrated, this Disney classic tells the endearing tale of a ten-year-old fearless, happy-go-lucky boy, Mowgli. Introduce your child the joy of simple reading and easy comprehension with this book that brings the story alive with high-quality paper and a story they probably already know. Written in simple sentences, you can easily read this to smaller children and more mature readers without needing a dictionary nearby. Friendship, danger, love and trust, this book is the perfect way to open the door to life long reading pleasure.

Perfect for advanced little readers

Good writing is always a joy to read and pass on to our children. This short and humorous novella set in the picturesque hills of Garhwal perfectly captures life in a village and brings to life the story of little Binya and her love for her blue umbrella. Through her struggles, the book conveys many emotions like the happiness at having little things, the value of kindness and the hold jealousy can have over you. Yet if you want to show your children that there is more joy in giving, then owning something, this book is just the one you need.

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