Economical tents for camping with people you love

FP Studio November 25, 2020 14:41:22 IST
Economical tents for camping with people you love

Group tent

The Jukkre is a multi-colored tent with a combination of blue and orange color. It can support up to 6 persons as it has a vast space inside and it has a good height as well. The pole material is made up of fiber glass and the closure type is zipper. Though it has vast floor space it very light due to its material. It protects campers from wind, sunlight, rain and insects. It uses polyester fabric making it well-ventilated and easy to breathe. The entrance of the tent has a semi-circular wide orange lining. Both the top and bottom layers of the tent are waterproof. Great for large groups.

Can be Stored in one Bag

The Dealcrox tent comes in a variety of sizes supporting 2, 4 or 6 persons at a time with a polyester fabric tent material making it immune to rain, wind, insects and sunlight. The combinations of colors available are blue with orange, blue with yellow, pink with sky blue and yellow with orange. The weight of the whole setup is just 2.2 pounds making it a light weight portable tent which can be carried in a single bag. It is designed with airflow to ensure ventilation. The closure type is zipper preventing air gap. The poles are very sturdy to protect tent during adverse conditions. Great for couples who like to camp.

Basic tent

The exterior of this Amazon Basics tent is colored orange and the interior of the tent is grey in color. It has a tub style floor with total weight of 8.6 pounds and the maximum height is 48 inches from floor. The bed is also brightly colored with ocean blue which is fitted with the ground. It can easily accommodate up to 4 people and it is made up of 1000D-Polythene to prevent leakage during rainy days. It has mesh storage and airflow paths inside tent for good ventilations supporting the dwelling in any kind of seasons. It has continuous poles for support of the whole tent. Perfect for young families.


Trust the Japanese to get it right. The Coleman Sundome tent has a combination of two vibrant classy colors namely green and black with a zipper closing and opening type to avoid leakage during rainy days. It has a structure of dome which can easily accommodate up to 2 people at once. The inner tent is made up of polyester taffeta and polyester mesh where the floor is made up of Polyethylene 1000 D. Its country of origin is Japan with the dimensions of 274.5 cm height, 274.5 cm width measuring an area of 20m2. It has internal floor with storage bag and hook to hold hand lamp. This is a great tent for adventurous couples.

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