Easy storage for all your knick-knacks

FP Studio January 19, 2021 01:56:09 IST
Easy storage for all your knick-knacks

With sectioned boxes
These are multipurpose plastic boxes which can be used to store just about anything. Be it medicines, pills, and first aid or jewellery and cosmetics. You can even store stationery or sewing kits like needles threads and buttons. From undergarments to books these storage boxes are perfect for everything. They are also sturdy and durable. The boxes are transparent so there is no need to open the box every time to view the contents inside. It comes with 2 multipurpose sections, one box with 6 partitions for your jewellery and other with 4 sections with separate openings for each section. Get these multipurpose boxes for your storage needs today!

Cute storage box for children’s stuff
If you are tired of your children’s toys lying around the house, this storage box is perfect for you. It is specially designed for children’s toys. It comes in vibrant colours and cute designs so your kids are enamoured by it. It is collapsible and features a folding stool. The lid comes with a cushion so you can even use it as a little sitting chair for your kids. It is made of faux leather so it is comfortable to sit on as well as extremely easy to clean. No need to scold your kids to clean up their mess, with this cute container they will want to clean it up themselves.

Three-layer storage box
This container box has 3 layer storage box so you can store everything in one box. The transparent lid lets you see the contents inside. You can store anything in this multipurpose box. You can make it a portable toolbox, little vanity box, or even first aid kit. The uppermost layer even has slots to store small things like pins, screws, nails, clips, etc. The box closes with push-lock. With just one push you can lock the box tight and safe. It comes with an easy to grip handle so you can carry it everywhere. If you are looking for an everyday use multipurpose box, search no further, this box is perfect for you.

Made from ISO certified plastic
Keep your space neat, organised, and sorted with this plastic box with lid. You can store clothes, pantry, and books in these boxes. They are made from durable plastic which is ISO certified so the boxes won’t get ruined easily. You can store even bathroom utilities in this box as it is made out of plastic and can be stored in bathroom space. They come in various colours so that they suit your home decor. If you want something simple but effective this storage box is perfect for you.

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