Don’t miss out on these body sprays for men

FP Studio September 25, 2020 04:03:14 IST
Don’t miss out on these body sprays for men

Cool, contemporary scent

Set Wet Cool, Action and Allure Avatar Deodorant and Body Spray Perfume for Men will often find itself in a trendy gym bag or in your work desk. It is perfect for the impulsive man who takes life as it comes. The aroma is a triple combo with the freshness of mint and ginger, woody undertones and a whiff of musk. For the last man standing, Set Wet Action deodorant is packed with a burst of fresh citrus, mild floral undertones with a strong touch of musk. Set Wet Allure can sweep anyone off their feet. An irresistible aromatic burst with woody undertones leaving a lasting trail of spice is for the charming man in you.

For the well groomed man

Fogg has won our hearts with their trendy ads and their products match expectations. If you are looking for a long
lasting fragrance, Fogg Marco is the correct choice for you. It is refreshing and specially made for urban men who love to stay well groomed. This is essential because as we all know, travelling in India takes a toll on the best of us. This body spray by Fogg ensures that it keeps the odour at bay. The best part is, it is very easy on your pocket and ensures around eight hundred sprays! It has an invigorating scent which envelops you in a pleasant smell keeping you fresh and energized all day.

Good staying power

In the modern world, we work out when we can. Sometimes, we have the option to shower immediately after. Sometimes, we have to wait for a bit to get access to water. Jovan Black Musk Body Spray for Men is perfect for the man who loves a good, hard workout. It gives you a very masculine scent and removes sweat odour from your body even after a heavy gym workout. Jovan has been around for a long time and continues to be people’s favourite. It has a signature long lasting fragrance and leaves you feeling fresh for a long time. This body spray is also very pocket friendly. Perfect for the compulsive gymmer/excercise freak.

Inspired by the smell of forests

Virat Kohli knows a thing or two about sweat. The man is a fitness maniac and spends hours at the gym apart from all the hours he put in on the sporting field. The One 8 by Virat Kohli AQUA Perfume Body Spray for Men doesn’t disappoint on any features. With freshness of fern, woody accords with a subtle green note, it will be hard to resist once you start using One 8 body spray. Apart from this, notes of fresh marine add to the originality and uniqueness that takes you to feel fresh aqua. The fragrance will make you stand out and retains for very long hours. It’s the perfect spray for the Virat Kohli fanboy.

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