Digital paintings that seem like the real deal

FP Studio December 23, 2020 14:56:23 IST
Digital paintings that seem like the real deal

Customised art

The Digitalart Customised Advanced Digital Art Painting is available in another size too – 10x12 inches. The theme of this painting is abstract which is why it is multicoloured. It comes in a rectangular shape and would be ideal if used as either a wall hanging or a table leg stand. It comes pre-framed, thus saving you that unnecessary hassle. Also, the frame is made up of plastic and the whole thing weighs around 400 grams. This digital art has a modern look to it and will enhance any room you place it in!

Nature Painting

The ELEPHANTBOAT DIY Digital Painting by Numbers Kit Unframed Mediterranean Style on Canvas Painting for Drawing Learning is a linen canvas fabric painting slate which has nature as its theme and which requires oil painting to be done. It is durable and doesn’t get mouldy or deformed. You can easily set this up in your bedroom, study, hallway or even the living room. Since it is DIY, you can decide on the drawing turns as per your convenience or according to the numbers. It gives a unique artistic appeal to the room!


The Happy Selling My First Billion Synthetic Without Glass and UV Art Digital Painting comes in a frame and it is perfect to be kept both at home as well as in an office space. The size of the painting is 13x8 inches and is both lightweight and durable. There are double tapes provided inside the package which can help with the alignment of the frame. It is laminated with gloss and matt on a smooth surface, allowing you to easily clean it, whenever necessary.

Golden painting

The HASTHIP Golden Maple DIY Digital Canvas Oil Painting is available in three other colour variants. The theme of this DIY digital canvas is fashion, people and figures. You can paint using oil and/or acrylic. The dimensions of this painting are – 12 x 7 x 7 centimeters. It is made of linen canvas material and doesn’t get mouldy or deformed easily. It is also very easy to use, and irrespective of which room you decide to put it in, it will shine out!

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