Desktop organisers to keep your makeup in order

FP Studio November 19, 2020 19:10:40 IST
Desktop organisers to keep your makeup in order

A place for everything
This makeup organizer is a vanity dream. It comes with two drawers to organize your jewellery stacked with an open compartment to keep your makeup, creams, perfumes on display. The coolest bit about this vanity is the tiny personalised mirror. Stylish, fun, and yet so practical, this makeup organizer is made from premium plastic that can be washed and cleaned up easily. Pick it up if you are looking for a multi-purpose organizer that helps you keep your makeup and jewellery in one place.

Stylish brush holder
The 3 cylinder design is made from sturdy and clear plastic which makes it easy to find your belongings without it toppling over. An organizing tip for this one - keep your face brushes in the large container, eye brushes in the centre one and beauty sponges and smaller utilities in the small one. Its compact and unique design does not take much space on your dressing table and helps you keep all your items upright and standing tall. If you wish to jazz up your desk area but also organize your brushes at the same time then this one is perfect for you.

Simple and practical
This one comes with compartments of various shapes and sizes to easily accommodate your jewellery or makeup. It has 16 compartments which can easily accommodate your lipstick collection, small makeup palettes, nail polish, brushes, and some dainty jewellery as well. The beautiful transparent design allows everything to be easily visible and makes everything accessible without taking up much space in your vanity, bathroom, bedroom or countertop. This one is a must-buy if you are looking for an option that is easy to clean, space-saving and helps you stay organized.

Declutter your vanity
A perfectly sized functional organizer, this one keeps your belongings upright, tucked away, and clutter-free, all held together in one convenient location! It comes with a drawer that slides out smoothly and can store quite a bit of your makeup and accessories. The top compartment is pre-organized in smaller compartments to give you a quick-start into placing things of various sizes and arranging them neatly. If you are just beginning to organize and want to get your hands on a value for money product, then this one's for you.

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