Dental floss to keep your teeth clean and healthy

FP Studio November 26, 2020 18:28:33 IST
Dental floss to keep your teeth clean and healthy

Smooth texture
Here is a smooth and strong dental floss that will give you better oral health. This dental floss has two lines of floss thread which is extra strong and doesn’t break easily. It gently helps to remove food particles stuck in between your teeth that brushing cannot remove. Each pack consists of 24 floss threads with an ergonomic design for comfortable cleaning. Flossing your teeth with GUBB USA Dental Floss has a handle design and using this superior quality floss will give you healthier teeth and a whiter smile.

Dual design
This dental floss tooth pick is easy to use and gentle on your gums. This product has a dual design with one side having a floss thread to clear stubborn plaque from between your teeth and it has a toothpick on the other side to pick food particles stuck while eating. One packet of Dentalfloss Oral Care Floss Toothpick contains 24 pieces and it is a very handy product. The floss gently glides and keeps your teeth clean while stimulating and massaging your gums. The thread is stretchable and it doesn’t break easily.

Water jet system
Here is a dental floss that is designed to clean plaque gently. It doesn’t have a thread design but it uses a water jet system to clean plaque and food particles stuck in between your teeth. WOQZILINE Speed Dental Care Water-Jet Air Flosser has an ergonomic design that doesn’t require batteries or cords. You have to simple fill it with water and press the button pointing towards your teeth. The specially designed low profile tip comfortably reaches the back of the teeth and other places to provide effective clean teeth. This is great for people who have sensitive teeth and hurt their gums while using a string floss.

Simple design
Here is a dental floss that you can carry anywhere and give you teeth optimum cleaning. This pack-of-three dental floss has a simple handle design with an easy glide and user friendly string. It also comes with a toothpick attached so you can comfortably remove food particles stuck in your mouth. STIM Flosser Fixed Floss is a single use and non-shredding product. It is a perfect tool to use after a good brushing session. This floss also comes with a free STIM Interdental Floss.

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