Delicious coffee drinks you should try today

FP Studio January 18, 2021 23:11:33 IST
Delicious coffee drinks you should try today

Pure taste of Arabica
The taste of Arabica on your doorstep. If you love the rustic taste of Arabica this coffee is perfect for you. With no preservatives and 100% Arabica, this coffee is sure to taste divine. This cold brew iced coffee is best for hot summer afternoons. The coffee comes in glass bottles and as a pack of six. You can just store these bottles in your fridge and grab a bottle whenever you feel like. The coffee beans are sourced from Chikmagalur. Get this coffee if you want authentic taste in a bottle.

Espresso in capsule
Ten little pods perfect for your nespresso machine. This coffee comes in a little capsule to put into the coffee machine and get that hot brown shot of espresso. The perfect balance of arabica and robusta beans. The manufacturer claims it took 117 blends to perfect this aroma and taste. And boy, it was worth it! The beans are slow roasted so you don't get that burnt taste or aroma. All you get is a lingering smooth taste on your tongue. Nutty flavour with hints of caramel, if you like work of art in your cup, this coffee is just right for you.

Chilled latte at your doorstep
Indulge in your favourite, the tastiest cold coffee in this convenient on the go pack. Comes in a pack of two, you can sip or shoot! This chilled latte brings out a delicious coffee indulgence with an extra creamy flavour. It is perfect for those who enjoy their coffee light and milky. It is absolutely a must try for all the coffee-lovers. Start your day with the refreshing taste that awakens not only your brain but also your senses and soul.

Delicious cold coffee
Forget long queues at your favourite barista. This coffee drink brings the taste of coffee shop right into your refrigerator. A perfect blend of milk and coffee that refreshes your senses. A treat for your taste buds with the right cold coffee taste for you to savor. It is very convenient as it comes in a on-the-go pack to grab. You can enjoy anytime for those cold coffee cravings. Be it a slow workday in the office, outdoor picnics, or just hot evenings. You can carry your favourite drink everywhere!

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