Decorate your bedroom with these budget showpieces

FP Studio July 21, 2020 16:00:06 IST
Decorate your bedroom with these budget showpieces

Perfect for your living room

This anti-skid rug is the perfect thing you need to light up your living room space. Made with selected fibre and latest stitching technology, this multipurpose rug comes with a dimension of 4X6 feet. The easy to clean mat is finely tailored with eco-friendly materials, which are safe for you and your family. It helps in keeping the floor clean and absorbs moisture from shoes instantly. The 3D printed mat is the go-to product for both casual and formal environments. It is also pet-friendly. If you are looking for a sturdy interior decorative item that will last you for years, then you have reached the stop.

Reversible Jute Carpet Mat

The handmade jute rug is ideal if you are looking for a simple and comfortable mat for your home. The material is durable and the product is available in various sizes as per the need of the consumer. This affordable way to a great living is made out of natural jute which perfectly blends with any kind of step up. The best part about jute products is they fit everywhere. It is a great choice for setting a classy atmosphere in the living room. You should invest in this home decorative piece if you are looking for top-notch style at a real value for money.

This one is skin friendly

Place the beautifully crafted rug at the foot of the bed or just inside the door frame and experience rich decor. The rug can be put on the floor or top of a carpet. Its ultra-soft flannel material makes it breathable, plush and skin friendly. The mat has been mechanically produced by power
looming polypropylene yarn. This is ideal to protect you from under floor heat. Cleaning a rug can be a problem but this one can be cleaned simply by spraying water and sweeping it. The easy maintenance factor is one of the reasons why you should definitely go for this product.

A lightweight, affordable rug

This is an affordable solution to all your rug related queries. One can have it either in the dining hall or living room. This product is lightweight and can be used as a picnic mat. The rug is a low maintenance addition to your home and it is easy to clean. Apart from lighting up space, the velvet finish adds extra comfort to your foot. This one is a ready-to-use product, so go ahead and make that purchase already.

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