Cut fat not flavour with these top air-fryers

FP Studio January 27, 2021 15:54:27 IST
Cut fat not flavour with these top air-fryers

Fat free cooking

This air fryer lets you bake, grill and roast all your favorite dishes in a healthy way. We used the fryer to make chicken wings and found the chicken wings to be crispy, moist and delicious. The wings were cooked with very little oil making the snack healthy, as most of the fat on the chicken melted and drained away. It's a great way to make healthy meals while maintaining the nutritious value of the ingredients. The cleaning of the basket once cooking was done was a breeze.If you are in the market for an air fryer, this Air Fryer is definitely one we can recommend.

Healthy cooking done right

Sporting a sleek, stylish design with a sturdy base this air fryer is for everyone.Most recipes require oil for cooking and bringing out flavor, this fryer eliminates that requirement. Meals can be prepared with little to no oil based on your preference and taste just as delicious.The fryer is easy to clean because of its non stick coating and user friendly design. A recipe booklet of a 100 recipes is also included so you can make the best of all this fryer has to offer. The ease and quickness in making dishes in this fryer is the reason that this fryer makes the list.

Quicker, healthier frying

Here is another air fryer in which you can Fry, Bake,Grill,or Roast your Favorite Foods. This fryer is an upgraded version which is 27% more energy efficient,50% bigger and 38% faster than the previous model. We tried cooking chicken kebabs and the results were awesome. The kebabs were crisp and flavorful. Your dishes require little to no oil depending on what you are cooking.The model uses Turbo Tunnel Fresh Air Technology to ensure great results every time. The baking option is a must try for those who love their cakes.You cannot go wrong by choosing this air fryer for all your cooking needs.

Big meals with bold flavour

This fryer makes cooking large or small meals for the whole family easy due to the models generous food basket size. The food basket which you put your ingredients in for cooking has a capacity of 5L, plenty of space for big meals. The responsive touch screen panel was easy to operate. This air fryer lets you fry, bake, toast, roast, grill as well as reheat food with hot air,locking in the flavour while keeping out the fat. Usage of oil is kept to a minimum, making this a must have appliance for those looking to make healthy and low fat meals.

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