Curl up with a cuppa from our list of the best teas available.

FP Studio June 11, 2020 01:42:13 IST
Curl up with a cuppa from our list of the best teas available.

Wake up with the bold and strong flavor of black tea

Look no further than this kitchen staple, this black tea prepared with a unique blend tea sourced from Assam makes for a black tea with a bold flavor profile. One of the most popular tea choices in India, this perfectly balanced blend of large and small tea grains makes for an uncomplicated black tea that is the go-to for many of us. Black tea also offers a wide variety of health benefits from antioxidants, to boosting heart health and even lowering blood pressure. This goes to show that there’s a reason why black tea is one of the most consumed beverages the world over.

The best stress relief that comes in a cup

If green tea on its own wasn’t healthy enough, this blend made with the natural goodness of Tulsi offers plenty of health benefits for you to love. With a sweeter and more delicate flavor profile than black tea, this blend is best had without milk or any other additions apart from a bit of honey. This is best brewed after a stressful day so that you can refresh yourself as this tea blend works to stimulate and revitalize your sense. Chockablock with antioxidants and other nutrients, it also works to improve your respiratory functions.

Guilt free tea indulgence at any time

Intended primarily for expecting mothers and those who are lactating, this decaf version of tea contains only 8mg of caffeine as compared to 70mg in a regular cup of black tea. So for tea fanatics out there, there’s no need to have to skip out on tea during pregnancy. This ayurvedic blend is specially formulated with Saffron and Saunf that work to improve metabolism and stimulate digestion. And if you think that decaf tea must mean no flavor, this blend is flavored with cardamom and saffron to are pleasant for your taste buds as well.

Detox your way to a healthier you

Packed with all the health benefits of green tea and 5x the antioxidants of an apple, this blend comes with a bit of extra flavor from the addition of lemon and honey that makes it one very tasty cup of green tea. We’ve already mentioned the many health benefits of green tea earlier, but a cup of this green tea, honey and lemon blend packs a powerful triple punch with lemon working to help balance your metabolism and honey which everyone knows is the ultimate immunity booster. This downright flavorful green tea blend is also best had when you have the cold or flu. Add in some more honey to sweeten it and feel out how it soothes away a sore throat.

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